CDE Asia: Manish Bhartia, Promoter & Managing Director
It has been a year of many new developments for us - we have set up offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bengaluru, and warehouses in Gurugram and Bengaluru, to improve our market penetration and customer satisfaction. Our robust financials have made it possible to continue investing in research & development, and new processes and systems, to become leaner and even more resilient for any future exigencies.

As the sector grows, companies who invest in R&D and future-ready technologies, will stand to benefit.
We believe that uncertainty is not a threat but a potent tool. It encourages us to work harder, to find answers to the many problems which haven’t been solved. Sustained innovation is critical for growth of any company, while fear has no bottom.

And that’s what we do – our design initiatives are aimed towards reducing the geographical and environmental footprints of our plants. They have already resulted in a decrease in the number of vehicles used to transport our equipment, thus reducing CO2 emission and logistics cost. All our equipment now recycle up to 95% water, have zero liquid discharge, and use lesser power - making them extremely environment-friendly.

The CDE Asia commitment to quality, sustainability, and corporate responsibility continue to grow with each passing year. New projects, bolder initiatives, and higher ambitions – we are inspired by what can happen; and very excited about the years ahead.

With our CDE Command Center, all our products are now connected; customers can now access historic and live plant data remotely through a personalized dashboard.
Our persistent focus on innovation has always kept us ahead of the curve. So right from the start of the pandemic when the nationwide lockdown was enforced, we were already in the advanced stages of testing of our dedicated CDE Command Center. And now all our products are connected; it allows customers to access historic and live plant data remotely, through a personalized dashboard. The plants are fitted with IoT devices that capture run-time plant data. Data generated can be used for detailed predictive analysis. Vital trends such as seasonal demand patterns, plant utilization rate, and plant efficiency can be analyzed and used to prepare an MIS report identifying key areas of improvement, thus closing performance loopholes, and maximizing plant utilization.

The interface facilitates the plants to run at the highest efficiency so that the customers can enjoy maximum returns on investment with complete peace of mind. The thought process is to empower our customers with a future-ready technology and put them in the driver’s seat giving them increased productivity with predictive maintenance; convenient access to key performance parameters through automated reports, graphs, and quarterly MIS; and intelligent, pre-emptive sensors designed to trigger timely alarms.

CDE Asia

Our Annual Maintenance Packs are designed keeping in mind the modern result-oriented business owners and enable them to get the best out of their plants.
Backed by our experience of having successfully installed over 400 plants across the continent, we have crafted our AMC plans that have completely revolutionized the after sales support and services delivery to our customers. We are now being able to provide an inimitable remote service experience supported by onsite CDE personnel – helping in strict adherence to best practices in quality and site maintenance.

Benefits of our Annual Maintenance Packs:
  • Plants running at highest capacity - up to 6000 hours every year without glitches
  • Drives +90% availability / uptime
  • Minimizes losses due to breakdowns
  • Maximizes profit by monitoring and improving product yield
  • Supports customer’s team to improve its product-mix to fetch optimum market value
  • Optimizes cost of operation
  • Increases life of equipment with use of CDE original spares and expertise
We have introduced Operall - our financial solutions division that extends leasing and renting solutions to corporate enterprises for installing CDE equipment.
The leasing solutions offered by Operall to clients include the responsibility of Investment and Plant Operations & Maintenance. The blend of advanced technology and financial solutions deliver a ‘pay per use’ solution. Unlike a finance lease, at the end of the operating lease, the title to the asset does not pass to the lessee, but remains with the lessor. Accordingly, at the end of an operating lease, the lessee has several options: return of the equipment, renewal of the lease, or purchase of the equipment.

Operating leases, where the lessor takes a residual position, offer a host of benefits to the lessee - the kind which finance leases typically do not.

Our assessment is that in FY22 the infrastructure growth is likely to accelerate.
India is at the cusp of a major infrastructure expansion spree. Government plans to invest about INR 102 lakh crore on infrastructure projects by 2024-25. Development of highways would be undertaken, including the development of 2,500 km access control highways, 9,000 km of economic corridors, 2,000 km of coastal and land port roads, and 2,000 km of strategic highways. Even during the pandemic year, a significant number of road projects have been awarded and equipment sales is likely to benefit from this.

Sand is the backbone of the construction industry; it constitutes nearly 40% of the raw material used for construction projects. The size of the Indian sand market is expected to be 1bn MT or approx. ₹500 bn, and aggregates is estimated to be 4bn MT or approx. ₹1200 bn. Of the total sand market, M-sand comprises 450mn MT and the balance 550mn MT is natural sand. The market for sand in India should grow in line with the construction industry at the rate of 6-7% p.a. Backed by innovative financial solutions, we expect a greater demand for our manufactured sand equipment in FY22.

We undertook many short-term, medium-term, and long-term initiatives to make our company more resilient during the lockdown, and have formulated a 3-year vision ending in FY24.
COVID-19 is a global pandemic which does not respect borders, cultures, or ethnicities. Getting out of this extraordinary situation stronger is the collective responsibility of the entire human race. At CDE Asia, we believe that every challenge brings with it innumerable possibilities – to learn, evolve and grow. From the very onset of the pandemic, we engaged extensively with our employees, associates and patrons to come out of this stronger.

We undertook many short- term, medium-term and long-term initiatives to make our company more resilient. We formulated a 3-year vision ending in FY24 which captures the holistic picture of the future state of the company imagined through the vision of the employees and other stakeholders.

Our people are our biggest strength and safeguarding their health and well-being is and will always be our topmost priority. We have undertaken CDE Avengr program - our Cloud Workspace infrastructure, to ensure business continuity, which allows most CDE team members to work from home with support from minimal staff working from offices. The CDE support team worked tirelessly from their homes throughout this period guiding our customers on how to keep their equipment in good shape, when operations were at a standstill.
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