Dholera Industrial City  Development Ltd. (DICDL): Dilip Brahmbhatt, General Manager
Rapid adoption of technology in the industry has led to safer and more efficient job sites, reduced costs, faster job completion, and increased profits.

The industry is counting on technology to help solve some major bottlenecks in the sector.
Technologies like augmented and virtual reality, unmanned aerial vehicles, and the use of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing, construction sector, and app-based platforms are gaining huge momentum today. There is little doubt that technology holds transformative power, and the industry is counting on technology to help solve some major bottlenecks in the sector.

Technology is playing and will continue to play a major role in transforming the entire industry and help it flourish sustainably. DICDL has systematically invested in technology for improving its operational efficiency and escalate its growth trajectory.

Dholera Industrial City  Development Ltd. (DICDL)

Dholera’s smart city network will primarily rely on ICT to establish a two-way communication network between people and government.
Today, the role of technology has changed from being a source of marginal efficiency gains to becoming the foundation for transformation. Also, increasingly companies are recognizing the need to innovate both to stay ahead of competitors and to prevent the disruption of established business models by ambitious and responsive natives.

The primary emphasis is on the use of futuristic technologies such as big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for real-time monitoring and control.

ICT enables the government to analyze citizens’ demand patterns and gradually build a pool of resources to solve as many of them online as possible. With the assistance of analytics and deep learning, the electronic means of communication enables the creation of collective intelligence that will be deployed for resource optimization.

Dholera Industrial City can host various technologies and solutions through an integrated platform and command control centre that can support all city applications such as e-Governance, e-land management, building permissions, and security. The Dholera smart city is a dynamic interconnected societal ecosystem – an environment, which, as a whole, provides the basis for allowing ICT.

Dholera Industrial City  Development Ltd. (DICDL)

We at DICDL believe that education, skills development, and lifelong learning are central pillars for the employment of workers.
We believe that a skilled workforce is a requisite to enhance the growth of the sector and that no industry can do well without having skilled and trained manpower. There may be the best of machinery and equipment in a company, but if the workers and employees are not skilled, then the management will face difficulty in running the company.

DICDL intends to skill youth to fulfill the anticipated demand for a skilled labour force in the development of Dholera Industrial City. We have been focusing on skill, re-skill, and up-skill of the workforce. We have also paid attention to creating quality manpower, development of skills, and providing training to keep them at par with the latest technology advancements.

As India aims to have one of the strongest economic growth stories in the 21st century, it becomes vital for the country to ensure that the growing workforce is highly skilled.The time is right to invest in tech solutions, especially in growing major economies like India, where industrial smart cities hold the key to urban development.

Dholera Industrial City  Development Ltd. (DICDL)

DICDL will continue to remain committed to doing what’s right for the employees, stakeholders, and the communities in and around Dholera SIR.
The catastrophe around the current pandemic is one of the biggest challenges that our economy is facing today. The pandemic has disrupted the supply chain and construction, but the industry is slowly recovering from the situation. I am sure that the speed of recovery will increase in the next 4-6 months.

We, at DICDL, took some proactive measures and extended reliefs to the stakeholders and employees like regular sanitization, accommodation, free transport service, and provided meal packets and water to the employees. Though the challenges faced were sudden, every one of our employees demonstrated resilience.

Our experiences from last year have only accelerated our push to reach newer heights and emerge stronger.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, our projects were slightly delayed due to an acute labour shortage. However, once the lockdown was lifted, we reached out to the labourers and our employees, and focused on having a more transparent and robust relationship with the various stakeholders. This helped in making decisions quickly and find the necessary resources to cover unexpected delays in a project life cycle.

We also focused on building an on-site emergency health center for our staff, started vaccinating our workforce, provided them with safety kits, and arranged regular check-ups, and awareness classes. We ensure proper hygiene while delivering meals, and have also made provisions for workers’ families like providing a clean crèche for their young ones.

The total planned work in the Dholera SIR activation area is now 85.79% complete, with the remaining work scheduled to be completed soon. I am sure that all our stakeholders will continue to extend their full support to make Dholera the finest industrial smart city in India and a major contributor to the India’s growth story.
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