Bentley Systems India: Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President, Southeast Asia & India and Kalyan Vaidyanathan, Director - Business Development
Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President, Southeast Asia & India
Kalyan Vaidyanathan, Director - Business Development

Bentley develops software solutions for infrastructure engineering with the understanding that integrated project controls can be achieved only if the solution is project-centric and not stakeholder-centric, and is an information supply chain solution.

From the design stage to procurement and into construction, information must flow seamlessly through collaboration systems to reach project stakeholders.
Robust software solutions provide bidirectional integration to 3D authoring solutions, document management systems, ERP systems, and scheduling solutions, while providing capabilities to handle other field processes that include quality, safety, inventory control, labor, and equipment productivity.

Users want to go beyond a common data environment and establish a connected data environment that is more intelligent and integrates and interconnects information, enabling them to infuse forward-looking indicators into their time and cost controls based on the progress, or the lack of it, achieved by various project stakeholders.

For example, Bentley recently acquired Chennai-based Nadhi Information Technologies and its nPulse solution, which was developed with the intent of providing seamless information flow and bidirectional integration to existing systems, as well as creating an intelligent connected data environment. The solution has a collaboration layer wherein all project stakeholders can give and receive data based on their role and responsibility. It also has a control layer that allows for the intelligent interconnections among various processes and systems so that decision makers can understand time and cost impact to the actions of various stakeholders.

nPulse integrates with the Bentley iTwin solutions, as well as Internet of Things technologies. It offers users next-generation immersive project controls, and will continue to have an open architecture to provide bidirectional integration to the systems that users have onboarded. They will give users a superior experience and a technology solution that helps them remain in control of their projects rather than projects controlling.

Technology investments need to be assessed on value and RoI and not just as a cost investment.
Our software-as-a-service, subscription-based deployment model prevents our users from having to make upfront investments. There are many subscription options to choose from, including unlimited user subscriptions that gives users a risk-free subscription model for project-based work as they onboard all their internal and external stakeholders of their projects.

While RoI metrics might differ from user to user or project to project, almost all of our Bentley nPulse clients will agree on a few common metrics, such as productivity improvement, where clients have reported an increase of 20% using the nPulse solution; collaboration improvement, where users have reported an 80% reduction in time to close issues; and time reduction that results in a significant reduction in time to reconcile invoices and close-out projects.

Bentley’s nPulse solution features a number of modules that are bundled based on the type of usage anticipated. And, if users have a sense of the number of projects or duration of the engagement, Bentley has a number of flexible options for payment based on usage and pay-type. Our philosophy is to place the user’s realized value, and RoI, first and foremost.
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