Bennet & Bernard Group: Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, Co-Founder and Director
Advances in technology have touched every aspect of life, from revolutionizing business performances to opening new ways to drive innovation. As technology continues to evolve, its impact on the real estate industry will get stronger.

Disruptive technologies such as AI, robotics, 5G, big data and blockchain will potentially reshape the real estate market based on how much value it provides.
For new builds, virtual reality can create realistic architectural images and walkthroughs to help buyers understand and experience the property - even before construction begins.

We are deploying cutting-edge solutions to run the projects efficiently. We also have new technologies at our projects like Pneumatic Plastering machines to reduce number of workers and quicken work. We have deployed automated water pumps that curb excessive usage of water. The Fordism model allows for work to be carried on stage by stage with specialist teams supervising and reviewing projects under construction. We also remote-monitor sites through cameras.

We have introduced new disruptive technologies as well as advanced equipments in the construction of our eco-friendly holiday homes.
It is natural that when new technologies come in, people have to be trained in putting them to use efficiently. Our teams undertake the training and we ensure that the workforce is familiar with the latest developments. That’s how we have been able to build cutting-edge homes that are contemporary with a combination of traditional and modern technologies.

Bennet and Bernard custom HomeBennet & Bernard Custom Homes

Our strategy of planning ahead reduced the impact of the pandemic.
Customer-centricity is a core value at the Bennet & Bernard. We plan our projects with advance timelines to reduce the deadline pressure due to lockdown. Our specialist teams worked in silos and would move across projects to monitor progress.

As a leading luxury real estate developer, we interact mainly through the digital mode with our customers who include millennials, HNIs and UHNIs from key metros and international markets; hence, the sudden shift to WFH model did not impact us much. Going forward, we will watch the macro situation as it is still uncertain how long the crisis is going to last.

In the pandemic, we have continued to live up to the core value of safety by acting quickly and with great solidarity to protect employees, contractors, and our stakeholders. At each site, we maintain smaller rotational shifts for various types of skilled labour to finish their part and move on. We have also ensured vaccination of the workforce.
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