Sabarmati Riverfront Project
To start the construction work on the Sabarmati riverfront realty project, the Gujarat government has finally given its approval for volume-based General Development Control Regulations (GDCR). After this, volumetric development will be available for developers on the riverfront and the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Limited (SRFDCL) is all set to auction two building footprints, one on either bank in April-May. SRFDCL awaiting for the real estate market to jump back to stability as the nodal building agency expects the real estate markets to improve by April and May, said an industry insider, adding that four buildings of the 42 proposed on the riverfront will be 101 metres tall and the footprint will be the land area on which the proposed building can be built while the volume will define the height upto which it can be constructed with a rider that none of the footprints will be sold to developers.