Haulotte China and Zhongneng United Digital Technology Co., Ltd sign a strategic cooperation agreement, focusing on electric scissor lifts. The two companies will work together to drive the development of China's Aerial Work Platform equipment rental and application market. They aim at providing a comprehensive rental solution.

Haulotte China  Zhongneng United

Haulotte is willing to share its experience to fully support the development of large rental enterprises like Zhongneng United. According to Wang Zhijun, general manager of Haulotte China, "The Aerial Work Platform equipment rental market in China is still growing these years, with great room for development and imagination. The cooperation between the two sides will create greater value for the market and the industry!"

Yang Tianli, CEO of Zhongneng United, added: "We believe in Haulotte's products and services, which have been proven by practice. We are very grateful to Haulotte for joining hands with us to seize the opportunity and push the construction rental and aerial work platform equipment market to develop more vigorously and healthily."

The conclusion of a strategic cooperation with Zhongneng United shows Haulotte's concern and support for the Aerial Work Platform equipment rental industry in China. Indeed, the Chinese market is regarded as a top priority for future development.
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