Maharashtra redevelopment thane city
Maharashtra Government has planned a cluster redevelopment at Thane on the outskirts of Mumbai and it is going to be the first such project in Asia. State Urban Development Department Minister, Eknath Shinde informed that he has asked authorities to rehabilitate occupiers of unsafe buildings as early as possible. The proposed cluster development of Thane is one of the ambitious schemes of the government as it will pave the way for the citizens to get their own permanent houses. With the launch of this scheme, Thane will be the first city in the country to redevelop an entire city, as it will assist the locals in progressing towards sustainable development and will be executed with the cooperation of both the government and the citizens. The cluster development will enable the economic growth of residential areas and also help safeguard open spaces and environmental resources. Under this scheme, houses are built closer together on a specific plot of land rather than distributed uniformly on vast areas across the whole complex. Incentive costs are being paid to developers through the sale of flats in the building through Floor Space Index, the permissible development on a plot. The growing population of Thane and the increase in construction of unauthorized buildings has put stress on basic infrastructure making it difficult to offer amenities to every individual. The cluster plan is essential for the forest-land, creek shore, land conservation, infrastructure provision, and planned development of the ward. The Municipal Corporation of the city has come up with a cluster plan to address the issue of hazardous buildings in the MMR region.