Tactive Software Systems: Devarajan Chinnusamy, CMD
Covid–19 has taught us the need for remote operations and management of construction activities. The time is ripe for contractors to catch the early wave of construction digitization to redefine their operating ways that can effectively meet future requirements.

Digitalization provides clients with operational readiness and enables them to foresee calamities for timely troubleshooting.
One of the most important features of a good construction management software is to identify and eliminate factors responsible for over exploitation of a project’s budget. It benefits the contractor not just in terms of cost savings and increased revenue, but also brings attention to the weak areas in the workflow.

Tactive is a dynamic web and mobile-based construction technology platform that facilitates 24/7 real-time visibility and control over construction operations, budget and expenses, and the workforce across geographies. It has been developed by experts from the construction industry, keeping in mind the nature of problems that may arise and the solutions that would address them effectively. Most of our clients in India and abroad have reported significant savings in time and cost by completing a project with the support of digitization.

The ability to monitor construction activities from anywhere in the world is a dream come true for contractors.
Though the construction industry is vast and highly labour-intensive, it can be monitored and controlled from off-site locations by project managers and other key stakeholders from the comfort of their offices and homes.

Tactive construction mobile app for project sites (Android and IOS) provides project managers and regional heads with key reports like DPR, DLR and Labour Out-turn Entry and Tracking, project-wise reports and dashboards, employee self-serve HR apps, approval requests, tasks, messages, etc.

Tactive Software Systems

Construction is a versatile and humongous business process that has many intricacies to deal with before achieving success.
The volume of resources like LMP (Labour, Plant, Machinery) is intensively used around the clock as per the demands of the project.

Not all clients engage in the same type of contracts and the user requirement of the software may have to be slightly adjusted as per the vision and mission of the contractor and keeping in mind the client’s long-term commitment. A civil contractor engaged in constructing residential structures may have a different set of challenges compared to a contractor whose focus is on highways and factories.

Keeping this in mind, Tactive suits almost all forms of construction activities, including EPC and MEP companies, to help them complete their projects on time and within the budget. Should there be a requirement for additional modification or customization due to the project’s complexity, we conduct a preliminary study of the scope of the project requirements and customize the features accordingly.

Tactive Software Systems

Resisting change is no longer an option for contractors who want to increase profits; it’s time they re-evaluated how they conduct construction business processes.
The cost of digitization is not as high as many presume it to be. In fact, the benefits to cost ratio of the software is quite favourable for the end-users. We have predictable pricing based on the number of users accessing the software.

About 91% of construction companies spend less than 5% of their annual turnover on technologies, says a report in Economic Times. It has also been brought to notice that, according to IDC, 35% of the construction giants in India have a clear roadmap to transform their way of doing business by means of digitization within the next 12 months. This highlights the significance of digitization in the construction arena. Even so, the remaining companies have no clear roadmap for their future.

A McKinsey research says that companies that get on with digitisation will be able to complete projects with higher profit, even in the thin margin industry. One of our long-standing clients showed us a saving of over 22,000 litres of diesel in that year alone in their Bangalore field office with the implementation of Tactive Construction ERP Software.
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