Highbar Technocrat Limited: Ashok Wani, Head of Technology & Innovation
It is the best time now to transition to a modern intelligent ERP for any growing business.

Highbar’s IoT solutions are helping construction and real estate companies to monitor their project site operations on a mobile app and web portal.
In these challenging times, the infrastructure sector is adapting to the new reality, accelerating digital transformation, and is dealing with challenges and opportunities, urging companies to rethink their methods of conducting business.

With Highbar, developers get real-time updates and notifications on availability of equipment, movements of equipment/vehicles, fuel consumption etc, while working from home. In addition, all work reports and statistics charts are generated, published, and extracted on the digital dashboard of the app, reducing the communication barrier between onsite and offsite employees.

Our solutions enable effective resource usage with real-time reporting of working hours, fuel usage etc. Our geofencing service (setting up specific vehicle travel zones), trip management, equipment location, and run time history ensures transparency by giving direct visibility over all construction equipment parked on multiple sites. Also, with businesses looking to reduce costs, the data on machine health and productivity is helping organizations make rational decisions on the feasibility of different resources in the current tough times.

Digitization is the key to survival and its value is far more than the cost involved.
The initial cost of the transition to digitization makes construction and real estate companies hesitant to invest in it; however, the long-term investment and the benefits that accrue, outweigh the cost on multiple fronts: effective utilization of resources, controlling fuel theft, decision on speeding of work by adding resources at the right time, etc.

An intelligent ERP solution enhances profitability by optimizing costs and preventing revenue leakages with comprehensive analytics. The solution accurately predicts cash, manages liquidity, and mitigates risk proactively, resulting in sound financial decision making. In addition, it brings a suite of functional sales features to enhance customer relationship, while securing an end-to-end process to support sales teams.

Furthermore, Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure enterprises (EC&O) can evaluate supplier performance in real-time to assess and compare costs. Thus, it streamlines material flows, reduces logistics costs, improves asset utilization, and optimizes resources, thereby removing uncertainties from production and supplying networks.
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