Prestige Constructions: V. Gopal, Executive Director - Projects & Planning
While the world continues to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic, the involuntary digital transformation has brought to light the need for industry-wide innovations.

Technologies like Building information modelling (BIM) are being implemented on a case-to-case basis.
As construction adapts to the new normal, adaption of new technologies, especially in terms of virtual monitoring of site activities using drones, 360-degree cameras and virtual meetings have maintained the pace of work, along with timely decisions. Furthermore, custom built software is being used to monitor last stage work completion as well as snagging to deliver the best.

For the upgradation of knowledge and skills, we regularly conduct staff training to discuss the implementation/use of any technology. Caution is undertaken while selecting any tool/technology for improvement of results, however, once reassured about its benefits and safety, we ensure that the technology is used substantially.

The government aided the real estate sector by granting permissions for in-situ construction and material movement throughout the lockdown period.
With the pandemic causing disturbance and slowdown of economic activities, the impact on real estate was significantly less with limited or no disruptions at construction sites. The movement of supervisory staff – consultants, contractors, engineers, and technical teams was initially disorganized, however, once permissions were obtained in the form of passes/endorsement from the police and labour department, the problem largely eased out.

Work from home became de-facto for office staff wherein modern tools, technologies and telecoms provided the ability to work from anywhere without any disturbances. For engineering teams, design development meetings were routinely conducted with consultants via video conferencing. To stay connected and morally support one another, the senior management and leadership teams regularly held virtual meetings.

Prestige Constructions

Going beyond its business commitments and projects, as part of their undertakings for FY 20-21, the Prestige Group supported several social causes.
The company undertook many initiatives during the lockdown such as providing midday meals to school children, medical infrastructure to hospitals, greening and eco-conservation initiatives, vocational education, scholarships for needy students and more. By providing consistent motivation to our staff and labour workforce, abiding by Covid protocols, and undertaking Covid appropriate behaviour, our hardworking team stayed afloat and sailed through the tough times together, as a family.

Leading from the front, Prestige worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and protection of all their employees.
Reinforcing our ‘people first’ philosophy, the company vaccinated all its engineers along with their families. The company further assisted affected employees by arranging beds, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, etc. for their speedy recovery. Along with a dedicated workforce, the company’s support towards the comfort and care of every employee and their family resulted in a visibly heightened morale boost on site during these challenging times.
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