Apollo Inffratech JV with Parker Plant to Offer Power Packed Asphalt Batch Plants
Apollo Inffratech – India’s fastest growing construction equipment manufacturer- has recently incorporated a JV company called Parker Plant India Private Limited, which will manufacture various Parker equipment starting with Asphalt Batch Plants of all capacities (ranging from 80 to 260 TPH) in a newly created state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Mehsana, Gujarat.

UK-based Parker Plant Limited is more than a century old manufacturer and solution provider for asphalt production, bitumen surfacing, crushing, screening, concrete production, and pavement related equipment, with a presence across the world. Its two flagship series of Asphalt Batch Plants are StarMix and StarBatch.

Features & Advantages of Parker Modular Asphalt Batch Plants

Feed hopper: High hopper angle
Ensures free flow of material.
Reduces wear and tear of bin plates.
Requires less vibration.

Belt Feeder: Side wall corrugated belt
Reduces spillage of material.
Since it doesn’t require scrappers, this reduces chances of material getting stuck between scrapper and belt conveyor which could cut the conveyor belt.

Collecting conveyor / Dryer feed conveyor: wider conveyor belt with 3 ply
Wider belt ensures material transfer without spillage.
3 ply construction gives more strength and provides long life.

Collecting conveyor / Dryer feed conveyor: Transom type troughing idlers
Multi angle rollers allow to set troughing angle from 20 to 40 degrees.
It reduces spare inventory.
Offset center rollers ensure a smooth curve of the belt and reduce fatigue, thus increasing belt life.

Belt conveyors: Directly coupled gear motor
Reduces losses due to slippage of the belt, thus increasing efficiency.
Reduces maintenance related to belt drive or chain drive.

Dryer: Negative pressure sensor
Based on the feedback of the negative pressure sensor, an exhauster will control the air flow to maintain the required negative pressure in the dryer. Negative pressure is important to increase the flame length for the combustion zone. It is also required to suck the filler from the material to reduce bitumen consumption.

Dryer: Bolted discharge breaching
It allows easy access to the dryer for maintenance or part replacement.

Burner: Imported core parts
Core parts that are responsible for fuel efficiency, are imported to reduce manufacturing errors.

Burner: Multi wing air control
Multi wings control the air flow precisely to maintain the air fuel ratio. This gives more efficiency and reduces the unburnt fuel. Unburnt fuel can go to the dust filter and damage bags.

Burner: Rail guide system
It allows easy assembly and disassembly of burner without a crane.
Easy for maintenance of nozzle and other parts.

Baghouse: Bigger size baghouse
Provides more filtration area.
Increases bag life by reducing the amount of air to be passed per bag.
Reduces air velocity to 1.4 m/min. Less velocity means less wear and tear and therefore more life.
Reduces emission level to 20 mg/cum, thus benefiting the environment.

Baghouse: Negative pressure sensor
Filter cleaning mechanism will be operated based on the feedback received from the sensor; this will clean the bags as and when required.
Reduces power consumption of cleaning motor; this will also reduce excess atmospheric air going to the exhauster.

Baghouse: Air velocity 1.4 m/min
Provides more filtration area.
Increases bag life by reducing the amount of air to be passed per bag.
Life of bags is inversely proportional to air velocity, i.e. life of bags increases with reduction in air velocity.

Pre-separator: Optimized and compact
It collects the coarse particles and transfers them to a hot elevator for further use.
Counterweight valve opening will reduce the load on the screw conveyor.

Ductwork: Minimum ductwork
Arrangement of pre-separator near dryer and baghouse reduce ductwork. Less ducting means less maintenance.

Exhauster: VFD drive
Competitors are providing damper controlled exhauster in which the motor keeps running at full speed and flow of air is controlled through the damper gate. However, in our system, the VFD drive in exhauster controls the flow of air very precisely and reduces power consumption by reducing motor speed when required. This also reduces wear and tear of an impeller.

Exhauster: Ground mounted
As per our arrangement, it is mounted on the ground which provides ease of maintenance and part replacement.

Hot Elevator: Directly coupled gear motor
It reduces maintenance related to belt drive or chain drive.

Hot Elevator: Spring tensioned tension
Spring tensioned take-up will maintain the required tension on the chain continuously. It will also be able to absorb the jerks, while in the counterweight take-up system provided by some competitors, there may be failure of links due to jerks.

Hot Elevator: Sprocket in two pieces
It will provide ease of replacement in case needed.

Screen: Eccentric shaft vibration
This technology is more effective than motorized vibration.
Also reduces power consumption.

Screen: 2 deck screen for 4 types
Reduces wear and tear of the wire meshes as material need not travel the whole length.
Reduces height of the screen.

Screen: Segmented meshes
It allows to change only the particular segment instead of the complete deck in case of any replacement.

Screen: Rail guide system
Allows easy movement of the end cover and provides wide access to the screen for maintenance.

Bitumen weigh hopper: Electric heater
Electric heater used to heat the hopper.
Its temperature is controlled independently using a thermostat.
Requires single phase supply, so it doesn’t require to start the DG.

Bitumen weigh hopper: Gravitational discharge
Gravitational discharge of bitumen from weigh hopper to the mixer removes additional pump and other parts and their maintenance.
It also removes dripping of bitumen from the mixer gate.

Filler arrangement: Filler transfer
Single screw conveyor to transfer dust from dust filter to filler weigh hopper. It removes all unnecessary parts like elevator, screw conv. etc. and related maintenance.

Paddle Mixer: Gear Motor
Directly coupled gear motors reduce losses due to slippage of belt or chain, thus increasing efficiency.
Reduces maintenance related to belt drive or chain drive.
Higher factor of safety will reduce chances of damage due to jerks.

Paddle Mixer: Folding Body
Hinge type folding body gives wide access for any maintenance or part replacement into the mixer.

Paddle Mixer: Shaft
Shaft material is EN 24 with heat treatment, which gives longer life compared to EN 8 or EN 9 shafts.

Paddle Mixer: Liners
HCHCr liner of 15mm thickness lasts longer than 12 mm Ni-hard.

Bitumen tank: Insulation
75mm thick rockwool insulation reduces heat losses, thus, the energy required to heat up the bitumen and maintain its temperature is reduced.
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