ARI Simulation is a global leader in the production of Operator Training Simulation systems for the construction, mining, energy, marine, defence, and airport industries.

Indian Shipping Sector ARI Simulation Desktop Based

ARI designs and develops high-specification complex simulation systems used in training, screening, feasibility analysis and process development.

ARI offers scalable simulation solutions that operate equally well as standalone systems or as fully integrated, large scale, simultaneous operations, training platforms. Integrated solutions fulfil specialized needs where the successful outcome of an operation depends entirely on multiple teams working in close coordination.

ARI's customers include key industry, leaders in each of its markets. As a company with more than two decades of experience in the simulation industry we have successfully delivered and commissioned more than 750 large scale simulation systems for clients in more than 50 countries. With a team of highly skilled personnel, registered companies in India and the USA and representatives all over the world, ARI has a truly global footprint, having delivered many full mission simulation solutions over the years and a very large number of part task, classroom, desktop and mobile simulator and training solutions.

Our products are built to comply with the latest local and global statutory standards. Our customers have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all products have been certified by the world's leading competent authorities. Our complete range of Naval, Marine and Offshore products are certified to the highest class 'A' standard by DNV.

Developing customized solutions has always been one of our key strengths and we have created some of the most exacting simulators of our clients' equipment and machinery.

Our customer focus and attention to detail is reflected in our commitment to quality. We are proud to be at the heart of so many training centres, schools, and company facilities all over the world supporting our customers and their workforce in being the most efficient, safest, and productive professionals.

After all, training people is your priority; making it possible is ours.

The ARI Cranes and Equipment Handling Simulators series is the ideal training platform for high quality training of operators engaged in operating cranes and equipment at construction and mining sites.

The simulators are available in a large range of configurations, sizes, and budgets to meet every possible training requirement of crane and equipment operators.

Training Simulator Configurations
ARI Simulation Tower Crane ARI Simulation Full Mission

ARI Simulation systems are globally recognised as leading products offering the highest levels of realism in visualisation, behavioural modelling and control equipment used in simulation.

ARI offers complete flexibility to training providers in selecting the size and type of simulator and the equipment modules that will best serve their current and future training needs.

We can configure a layout to meet the space and dimensions of the room available. Custom solutions can be built on request.

The controls used for the operation of the simulated equipment can be of the 'near-replica' type. Alternatively, ARI can use a real cabin and controls as provided by the OEM and interface the appropriate software module to create the next level of immersive realism in simulation training.

ARI Crane & Equipment Simulators are normally offered with an integrated instructor station. The Instructor is provided with all the tools to control and monitor the simulator scenario effectively. A Faults and Malfunctions library is included in the advanced version software. The Instructor can create abnormal or emergency conditions to test the trainee's reactions and performance in critical conditions.

Instructorless solutions are also available to overcome space constraints, if any.

Integrated solutions are available that allow two or more simulators to operate in tandem. For example, Loader and Dumper can operate in the integrated mode in a common scenario, to fulfil the overall mission objectives.

Pre-configured exercises are available for every equipment module. The exercises are graded in a way that the trainee can start with simple familiarisation functions and move to the most complex exercise involving multiple obstacles and dangers. By carrying out a complete set of exercises, the trainee and trainer can easily identify the progress being made on a continual basis.

Facility can be made available to carry out automatic assessment of trainee performance. Structured reports can be generated clearly identifying the parameters of safety and productivity metrics.

Simulators can be equipped with an integrated Motion system. There is a range of Motion systems to choose from depending, on the budget and level of functionality expected.
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