R.K. Jha, J.K. Cement Ltd.
R.K. Jha, J.K. Cement Ltd.

When we talk of Primers that are applied before the paint work, what comes to mind are the Acrylic Primers. However, since the last few years, White Cement-based Primers are gaining popularity amongst the construction fraternity due to their technical benefits.

Concrete surfaces whether of RCC or Plastered have micro pores. Applying the white cement-based primer over the surface before painting or before the final coating, brings many advantages as these pores get filled with the white cement’s fine particles present in the primer. As a result, the surface becomes more intact and less absorbent, and enables greater coverage of the paint when it is applied over it.

S No. Property JK Primaxx Acrylic Primer
1 Form White Powder form Liquid Paste
2 Binder White cement & Polymer Acrylic Emulsion
3 Mechanism Hydration Mechanism Coalescing Mechanism
4 Bonding Mechanical/Chemical Chemical adhering
5 Bond & Tensile adhesion Strong & Durable Less strong & Durable
6 Application Wet or Moist surface also Only Dry Surface

J.K. Cement’s White Cement and Polymer Modified Primers named as JK Primaxx are widely accepted by the contractors in the painting segment due to their features and technical advantages.

  • Better adhesion & durability
  • Better hiding or opacity
  • No VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has anti-alkali & carbonation
  • Better coverage
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be applied on damp/moist surfaces
  • Forms a non-continuous film that prevents surfaces from peeling off.
  • Easy to apply
  • Resists weathering affect
  • Gives UV protection.
The above problems are generally observed in Acrylic Primers due to their inability to give safe passage to air vapor to evaporate, whereas the JK Primaxx due to its cement content, allows vapour to pass such that no undue stress is developed on the top coat, making it an ideal prime coat or primer.

Benefits of J.K’s White Cement & Polymer Modified Primers

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