SOBHA Limited: Raghu Balan, Executive Vice President & Head QST
A counter cyclic investment in Technology and Equipment is a challenge, especially during uncertain times; but we believe that innovation germinates in the middle of adversity.

We have reprioritized our construction activities.
We are working on cost control in construction, more productivity and efficiency, reduction of wastage etc. and looking at ways to bring improvements in all the areas of our business. Our key activities on the critical path are focused on ensuring that there are no unjustifiable delays in the completion of projects.

Sobha has re-oriented and reprioritized its construction activities keeping the exigencies of the pandemic situation in mind. Because of our efforts, we are happy to say that construction work continued during the pandemic because of the availability of at least 70% labour at sites.

Disruptive technologies, both in software and hardware advancements, are helping in completing our projects on time.
We are using Project Management tools. Apart from the existing software like Primavera for planning, ERP, in-house developed Mpower, plan grid application, drone-based software, and laser-based precision equipment for marking, measurements, levelling, etc, are being used.

Our Architecture and MEP design tools include Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) from Autodesk. This includes Revit, AutoCAD, Civil3D, Road Design, Fabrication CAD and other tools like 3Ds max, Sketch up, and Adobe Professional/Creative cloud.

Our Structural Design tools comprise of Staadpro, Etabs, SAFE, Civil 3D and Open Roads and spread sheets for analysis and design with the latest applicable IS and International codes. We have invested in Hardware like Precast and have planned for Toilet Pods in the future.

SOBHA Limited

For Sales and Marketing we are using tools such as Adobe package CC (Creative Cloud) which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver and Adobe XD.
Sobha Experience Centre gives a virtual tour of the step-by-step process of building a home, while explaining the work that goes on behind the scenes.

From the classroom and site trainings, we have migrated to online training for both Technical and Behavioural courses. All the investments and training/skilling of staff that has been done for the implementation of disruptive technologies (both in software and hardware advancements) is economically and efficiently helping to complete our projects on time.

Sobha Employee Welfare Fund is providing medical and monetary relief to our employees and their families.
Our focus is on ensuring the safety of our construction workers, employees, and customers. As an employee-centric organisation, the company has taken various steps to provide relief to Sobha Employees and their families through our Sobha Employee Welfare Fund (SEWF).

We are giving hotel quarantine facilities with food for 14 days to our employees and their family members who are staying in shared accommodation, a PG, or in a small house. We are making ambulance arrangements for them and providing medical kits based on doctors’ recommendation. Covid positive employees who do not wish to use the quarantine facility provided by the company are being paid ₹50,000 each under the insurance policy for home quarantine.

Labour camps are micro communities which have 100 to 1000 workers co-habiting. The challenge was to strictly adhere to the prescribed Covid protocols, ensuring individual and collective hygiene practices. Daily grocery and other essential supplies are being provided to them. Quarantine zones and treatment in camps or in hospitals are being given.
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