Gayatri Projects: Sandeep Reddy, Managing Director
We have always looked at adopting technology ahead of the competition, but the main challenges are with respect to finding the right fit with the sites.

Most technologies need champions at every level of management.
Sometimes, a technology or product might seem elegant in the boardroom but will face practical challenges during adoption on site. On the machine front, we have invested in advanced machine control systems to improve the efficiency and quality of our grading, paving, and compaction. Most importantly, for any of these technologies, you need champions at every level of management, and this cannot and should not be force-fed from the top-down.

We built our own digital site management system from 2015 to 2018, and it has helped us greatly in keeping track of our day-to-day business activities. Our system involves IoT devices in all our key plants and machines, mobile apps for the field staff to report on the work done, dashboards, and reports for the management. Needless to say, the technology has proved to be helpful only because our people have stepped up and upskilled to utilize it well.

Gayatri Projects

Our company’s team of industry veterans has done a great job in handling the uncertainty and pressure brought about by the pandemic.
The pandemic has been challenging in many ways, but we have come through with the help of our dedicated and loyal team. The main issues that we have faced was unavailability of labor and materials on sites, delays in paperwork and payments from clients, and, most importantly, the health toll on our employees.

Our daily routine has not changed much because most of our work from the company headquarters is usually done on phone and through computers, given that our sites are in remote locations across 20 states. Some delays have been inevitable, especially during the nationwide lockdown.

Gayatri Projects

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