Puzzolana: Abhijeet Pai, President
We are looking at newer ways of manufacturing our products by using new-age technologies, processes, and materials, and bringing more cost and performance value to our customers.

A higher level of product performance due to integration of advanced technologies has been Puzzolana’s key differentiator.
In view of the current work site challenges, we have used advanced metallurgy at our foundries to make our machines more rugged and durable with lesser wear and tear, and more operator friendly. We have brought in new-age technologies along with value engineering to make our plants more advanced. Value additions have been made in our diesel, electric, track-mounted and stationery plants so that they deliver higher uptime at the lowest cost per ton. Operational efficiencies can be seen in our air classifiers, which can be optimally used while conserving water. We are planning to exhibit couple of new age products during the upcoming Excon show.

We have also been upgrading the design of our products without adding to their cost despite the rise in steel prices. In fact, steel prices have been a challenge for us on many fronts as we currently have around 250 plants in our order books. We do not want to pass on the cost burden to customers who have paid in advance for their new orders.

Puzzolana 300TPH - 4 Stage Aggregate Crushing Plant

We have digitised our services and parts supply for timely support to customers.
Puzzolana, which has seen various boom and slump cycles, has viewed the adverse Covid-19 situation as an opportunity to make its products and services more adapted to the emerging mineral processing requirements, and enhance its manufacturing capabilities. Along with ensuring qualitative product throughput, we have been making our solutions more reliable, productive, safe to operate, and easy to maintain. We have been connected with customers through digitalized solution and making our services and parts support more seamless for their timely availability at the site.

We have been doing backward integration on a larger scale. Our four foundries, including the new facility at Vadodara, produce 45,000 tons of materials annually. Our newly acquired conveyor producing facility near Jaipur ensures timely availability of products and parts.

To make our philosophy ‘spirit of tomorrow’ materialized, we have enriched our workforce by giving them new responsibilities, which has kept their morale high during the lockdown. We have not retrenched any employee or curtailed their salaries and have taken every possible care to support families affected by the virus.

Puzzolana is a customer-centric company, and we will continue to add value to our customers’ businesses. We may even consider leasing our equipment if the payments are assured.

We do not foresee any uncertainty in demand with our strong order book for FY 2022-23.
Our sales grew by almost 30% during April-May 2020 compared to the previous year. We will continue to invest in research and development of more advanced products, and also improve our customer services.

We are highly optimistic on sustained demand for mining and quarrying equipment. A major demand driver is the Government’s ambitious road infrastructure development plan. However, the Government should encourage core industrial manufacturing with legislations to keep in check the volatility in steel prices.
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