Project Quantity Estimation Made Simple by Ensoft

Quantity Estimation Work involves a lot of cumbersome calculations using various formulae. The use of spreadsheets (like MS-Excel) is a widely accepted practice, but it involves a tedious work of Linking of cells. Formulae are hidden inside cells and are not visible. One has to click the cells to see the Formulae. They are in terms of Cell Nos (like A1, B1 ) and not easily understandable by one who has not created that sheet. It is now possible to reduce all these hassles by using FORMULATOR and other revolutionary softwares introduced by ENSOFT for an easy and quick way of estimating quantities involved in Construction works.

FORMULATOR: Project Quantity Estimator Software

ENSOFT FORMULATOR, has a unique approach in calculating various aspects of the project.
In FORMULATOR the Project is defined in terms of its Objects. Formulae for calculating quantities of various Items of work for an object are entered in terms of User Defined variables like Height, Depth etc. Database is used at back-end to store the definitions of Standard Objects. Software comes with ready to use objects like Beams, Slabs, Columns, Retaining Walls, Staircase, and Water Tanks etc. User has to enter only the dimensions asked in user-friendly dialog boxes along-with sketches. User can modify the formulae of Library Objects that comes with the software.

BUILD-QUANT: Building Quantity Estimation from CAD Drawings

BUILD-QUANT software reads CAD based Architectural Plan and RCC Plan Drawings directly to work out the quantities. Dimensions of beams, slabs, walls are read from the drawings. RCC Design schedules of beams, slabs, columns and footings are read to get the sizes and reinforcement bar details. Lengths of bars are calculated by program itself. It generates Quantities of Concrete, Formwork, Reinforcement Steel, Brickwork, Plaster, Flooring, and Door/ Windows.

Program generates Abstract of Quantities, Cost Estimates, Floor-wise Quantity break-up as well. Database storage of quantities at back-end gives the connectivity with other ERP / Rate-Analysis packages to give Material Takeoff.

Many a times the dimensions taken at site and written in the measurement sheet for working out quantities, are not crosschecked. Since this software is reading the working drawings directly, it is very useful in checking the bill of quantities at office level. The software is a handy tool for quick estimation of quantities for tender works and also for the detail checking of contractor's bills.

BAR-BE-QUE: Bar Bending Schedule & Quantity Estimation of Reinforcement Steel

Program has 3 options for preparing Bar Bending Schedules (BBS). Data for each bar can be entered manually with the first option. BBS is generated with graphical sketch of each bar. If Reinforcement Steel details are available in CAD drawing format, where each bar is shown and drawn to the scale, then BAR-BE-QUE can read this drawing directly to generate BBS. For standard objects, Formulator module can be used to generate BBS data with fewer inputs of object dimensions instead of entering bar dimensions.

Program generates Diameter wise break up of Reinforcement Quantities, with the bar cut length summary. User can select the method for calculating deduction in bar lengths, as per Indian Standard code IS 2502 or British Standard code BS 8666 or as per site practices.

Main feature of BarBeQue is that it is complete stand-alone software. User does not need any other CAD package for generating to-the-scale sketches of every bar. BarBeQue also has a module for generating optimized bar cutting arrangements from purchased bar lengths to minimize wastage at site.

Rate-Anly: Rate Analysis of Construction Items & Material Take off

RATE-ANLY software is useful for Contractors and Architects for preparing the Rate Analysis of items like Concrete, Brickwork, Plaster etc. Analysis of any item can be defined in terms of Materials, Machinery, Labors and Overheads. For any change in material rates, program will calculate the new item rates automatically. If user enters the item quantities for a project, it will work out Material Take Off, total Material Cost and also the Labors Cost involved.

NBMCW August 2010

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