Pacific Group: Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director
Challenges will always be there whenever there is a shift to a newer technology; but as a progressive player in real estate and construction, we always look at how to overcome them gainfully.

In times of crisis, fast adaptability to the situation and a keen business acumen will bring the right solutions.

First and foremost, the challenge remains is to get a unanimous vote from the entire ecosystem to adjust as per the change. Then begins the staff training in phases; we believe that training of staff is a continuous process. Timely delivery of projects in the times of labour and raw material crunch is a big obstacle, but the spirit to not give up and think judiciously around it is what sets us apart from the others.

Our construction sites are being virtually monitored at all hours. A structured plan is in place to ensure timely delivery, execution, and implementation of raw materials on sites. Labour concerns are being addressed from time to time with the help of a stable communication channel.

Pacific Mall

To prevent our construction activities from stalling, we resorted to taking care of our workers’ health and safety.
The impact of the pandemic lockdown was so sudden that our construction of the NSP mall slowed down considerably and our vendor and supply management went out of control, making the situation critical.

To minimize the impact, we came up with solutions like on-site accommodation for our workers, arranged nutritious meals, and sanitized the surroundings. We took care to prevent any panic situation at our sites. We were in regular touch with all our employees, and we assisted them on health-related concerns, which assured them that things will get better. Our workers’ health was constantly monitored and taken care of by the management team.
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