Aparna Constructions & Estates: Rakesh Reddy, Director
We have designed systems that incorporate best practices for increasing efficiency and mitigating risk. Aparna Constructions is also at the forefront of using digital tools to enable sustainable construction practices in India.

Technologies like BIM, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence have become an integral part of project operations - be it working from home, conducting virtual meetings, monitoring projects remotely, keeping remote eye on man, material stocks, and in the up-keep of equipment.
Aparna Constructions is increasingly exploring how to make remote working part of our culture. This allows the benefits of tapping into a geographically diverse talent pool. We are introducing technology-based systems such as e-learning into our training and development programmes. This entails incorporating personalised micro-learning, gamification, virtual reality, and augmented reality for corporate learning.

Since approximately 80% of savings results from stages prior to construction, addressing inefficiencies in vendor management and procurement processes is vital. One of the key principles of procurement is the use of automation across the entire process from planning and strategy to selection and contract management.

Automation at the bid level can help manage the aggregation and analysis of incoming data, thus quickly determining cost savings and opportunities. Automation creates a transparent system that makes it easy to move from a macro view of projects to micro details on bids, documentation, reviews, and conversions.

Drone footage of construction sites, combined with advanced analysis and design methodologies, allow the construction of more efficient buildings with minimal environmental impact.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a necessity in the industry, especially when resource management is critical. Energy modelling tools help us optimize a building’s architecture and layout, so efficiency is integrated into the design. This maximises the natural light, improves resource allocation and optimises energy management. The goal for the construction industry must be to improve the lives of residents and the overall community, while safeguarding the environment. Technology plays a big role in these efforts.

Aparna Constructions & Estates

A major challenge in incorporating disruptive technologies is the steep learning curve.
We conduct regular training and development sessions for our workforce on virtual reality, wearable technology, or project management applications. As a leader in sustainable and green construction practices, we have had to overcome the challenge of building entirely new supply chains for procuring the materials.

We were among the first to incorporate Mivan technology in India. The technology behind standard construction industry practices such as ERP and project management is rapidly evolving. Old processes are being disrupted by new technologies like automation and big data, which did not exist a decade ago. As a company, we embrace research and innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

Aparna Constructions & Estates

Staying connected to potential customers and maintaining a sales pipeline without the benefit of site visits is a challenge.
Aparna Constructions has a robust IT infrastructure. We have been able to create virtual workspaces and for daily operations including sales, training and recruitment, work is continuing remotely without significant interruption. Our administrative teams communicate via online chat, email, tele-conferencing and video-conferencing.

Fortunately, Aparna’s brand reputation commands trust among consumers. This makes our sales cycle optimum for digital marketing channels. The company website is a comprehensive platform for our multiple projects in different cities and locations. Each visitor is provided with a customized web experience based on personalized mapping. We use 3D walk-throughs, photos and videos to show the status of each project so buyers have an updated view on progress.

We conduct online surveys to understand consumers’ mindset and accordingly adopt the most suitable communication strategy. This is followed by integration of automation tools for lead nurturing through emails, social media and online advertisements. This results in a more immersive and personalized online experience.

The pandemic has forced all developers to rethink and evolve their policies for safety, security, and business continuity.
Preparation and flexibility are imperative to overcoming unprecedented challenges. We must adapt swiftly to this massive workplace transformation and put systems in place to mitigate the effects of future pandemics.

At Aparna Constructions, we have created a contingency system to effectively address pandemics and lockdown scenarios. This system includes employee health and safety monitoring, crisis management training, maintenance of operations with significant absenteeism, remote working infrastructure and capabilities, and travel restrictions.

We have implemented measures like easy access to hand washing and sanitising facilities to reduce risk of workplace transmission, monitoring the health of all employees, reducing overcrowding, facilitating remote work or shift work where applicable, and other safety measures.

The foundation of our pandemic response is strong communication and support for our employees; our goal is to alleviate their apprehensions and provide the resources they need.
We are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus among our workforce, we are providing all provisions at our projects including vegetables, hand-washing soaps/liquid, sufficient water and uninterrupted power for the workers. We are continuously educating them on safety and hygiene measures. We provide a public announcement system that broadcasts these precautions.

We conduct training seminars to address concerns and anxieties. We monitor the health of all workers and arrange regular visits by a doctor. We send any sick workers to the hospital by our ambulance. We have conducted a vaccination drive for 4000 employees and 6000 frontline staff of the Aparna Group.
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