House of Hiranandani: Prashin Jhobalia, VP Marketing Strategy
Cutting-edge, ground-breaking technology has always been at the forefront when it comes to creating a paradigm shift; so technological advancements will act as the backbone of the real estate sector, during this time of the pandemic, which has indeed changed the way the sector is adopting strategies for customer outreach.

We have realized how useful advanced 3D modelling and virtual reality is in continuing digital property marketing.
Virtual site visits and AI enabled technologies have helped us close new deals and retain our old clients, without coming in contact with anyone, thereby ensuring the safety of new clients and listing representatives. We are available on social media platforms and are highly active digitally to connect with our audiences and employees.

House of Hiranandani

We understand the importance of empathy during these times of the pandemic and all our practises towards customers come with convenience and patience. At the same time, we understand that effective planning and smart adoption of technologies can minimize its impact on the real estate sector in India.

As part of our safety and preventive measures, we are dissuading direct interactions among our customers and employees. In the interest of all our stakeholders and the society, social distancing is strictly followed at all our offices and project sites. In order to ensure business functions at a normal pace or with the least impact, we are promoting our projects through digital enablers for the domestic and international prospects. It is working well, and we plan to continue in this manner until things return to normal.

House of Hiranandani

House of Hiranandani has recently launched a first-of-its-kind, fully tech-integrated Virtual Sales Offices.
During lockdown we overcame the challenge of showcasing projects to customers by opting for varied prop technologies that enabled virtual site tours along with 360-degree images and other digital tools. The new Virtual Sales Offices is a digital replica of the physical offices, showcasing the same grandeur. Experiential marketing being the objective, this initiative takes the virtual site visit experience to the next level.

Designed with cutting-edge technology, the Virtual Sales Offices comes with a superior interface that ensures a convenient customer experience, right from entering the office, communicating with sales personnel, and a 360-degree walkthrough of the project. Due to the integrated approach followed, all the collaterals are hosted at one place which makes it easy to view and understand the project better.

These Virtual Sales Offices have been launched initially for our various projects in Bengaluru and Chennai. As regards their performance, we have experienced 8% increase in leads and 11% increase in virtual site visits since we began using the Virtual Sales Offices in our operations. The ongoing pandemic has indeed changed the way real estate sector is adopting strategies for their customer outreach.

House of Hiranandani

Our construction sites are sanitised and disinfected on a regular basis, and we are maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, check-ups for our workers to ensure utmost safety.
At the construction sites, we have made provision for sanitizers, thermometers, face masks and gloves for our workers, security guards and other service staff. Our employees also benefit from the health talk by experts that are planned on a regular basis, and can access the various benefits through health apps provided by the company. The temperature and oxygen level of construction workers are monitored every day before they join their duties. Efforts are being taken to provide the workers with food supplies and other necessities.

Additionally, House of Hiranandani is also planning to set up a vaccination drive for the employees. We intend to minimize personal/physical interactions and connect virtually till the situation is stable and risk is low.
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