Capious-A trusted name in manufacturing of Road Construction Equipment

    Capious Captivates Clients in Construction Sector

    Capious-A trusted name in manufacturing of road construction equipment
    A trusted name in manufacturing of road construction equipment, Capious is all set to take more concrete steps in the immediate future to educate its clients to keep them abreast with the latest technological development in the road construction equipment manufacturing sector. To achieve its aim, the company will give new dimension to its after sales service support system including reshaping its entire network and offering world class solutions to its customers, says the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Kiran Pandya, in a recent interaction with S.K. Khanna.
    What do you think about the priorities and parameters for selecting the right type of plant and equipment for building modern roads and highways?

    It has been observed that the buyers are largely lacking in the relevant information about the plant and the equipment needed to maximize the performance of the equipment and output of the plant. First of all the buyer must define the exact requirement of the contractor before taking a decision on buying plant and the equipment for the project.

    The potential buyer should go in for plants and equipment, which are users friendly with easy access to spare parts, components and the availability of prompt after sales services. In addition, they should have detailed information about the manufacturer and his local support systems for help in case of crisis.

    The purchaser should select equipment with potential giving maximum output with minimum power or fuel consumed as this will not only decide the buyer’s margins of earning but also take care of the likely increase in their prices in the near future. The equipment purchased must be of rough and rugged designs to withstand the inclement weather conditions including temperature variations. The frequent changes in climatic conditions like rains, snowfall and excessive heat will adversely affect the output of the plant and performance of the equipment. As such, the buyer must conduct a detailed study of the prevailing environs and area of operations before taking a decision to buy plant or equipment.

    Capious-A trusted name in manufacturing of road construction equipment

    Apart from this, it is also important to have a detailed analysis matching the output potential and capacity of the plant equipment as both high and low capacity will have a direct wearing on the working methods and margins of profitability.

    Can you elaborate on the challenges involved in making befitting selection of Plant and Equipment for carrying out the construction jobs in the road sector?

    This will entirely depend on what kind of project the contractor is undertaking and what is his hourly target. Plant or Equipment with higher capacity than the task in hand will impact the profitability as other factors may not match the plant and equipment performance and vice versa. The contractor and owner must keep in mind that road building involves Bitumen and other kinds of mortars prone to chemical reactions once they lose freshness hence the job mix formula is jeopardized. Time is important factor and therefore under or over capacity Plant or Equipment will affect both quality and performance.

    Achieving standards of Job mix formula and attaining quality consistently is really a great challenge for both the contractor and the inspecting authorities. Therefore, the selection of right Plant and Equipment is mandatory for precise job mix formula output.

    The safety feature is generally ignored by many indigenous manufacturers and at times it cause human injury. We at Capious have devised “AUTO-STOP” mechanisms at the critical operations to avoid such hazards.

    Road Construction Equipment need rigorous and regular cleaning and maintenance after the daily operations. The accumulation of Bitumen or other polluted ingredients damage the plant and Equipment badly. We at Capious have designed some standby machines to clean the equipment and apart from this, we also educate client how to maintain the equipment after their daily use as the practice will not only ensure their longevity but also the durability.

    Capious-A trusted name in manufacturing of road construction equipment

    What is behind the spectacularly growing graph of Capious?

    Credibility, integrity, dependability, and ensuring world–class quality are the factors behind Capious growth. We deliver exactly what we promise and have declared quality as our guiding force.

    To top it all, we put ourselves in our clients place and suggest right solutions at the right time. We have been able to build a long-lasting relationship with our client and most of them are with us right from the time we started manufacturing equipment. Our clients keep the company well informed through regular feed-back and this has helped the company a lot to improve its performance which further cemented our relationship.

    What are the new features, additions and most modern technical changes recently added to your most popular Drum Mix Plant? What do you think is powering its popularity in India?

    Currently, the Drum Mix plant is our flagship product over the years now and we have come out with innumerable “FIRST” including the SS cladding, friction drive and pollution control, among others. The most modern design with “COUNTER FLOW” (Reverse Burner) has really created waves across the equipment Industry.

    What type of policy initiatives your company is currently contemplating to tackle the challenges ahead, particularly in the light of emerging tough and competitive global market scenarios? What do you think about—are the changes required to give a further thrust to your products?

    Capious keeps itself abreast with the emerging trends in the Road Building and Construction sector as our first and foremost aim is the client interest. It is our unfailing endeavor to help improving the client’s productivity and efficiency by introducing latest innovations and feeding them with regular information about the emerging trends in the equipment and construction industry.

    In the coming months, we have decided to put more efforts to educate and inform our clients about the new technological development and support them with increased after sales services network. We are giving a fresh shape to our virtual activities and are making our website more dynamic with modern IT solutions.

    How do you view your areas of operations? Are you currently providing services to your clients based in foreign countries?

    Capious Road Tech Pvt Ltd currently gets orders responses from large corporate clients including Gammon India, IDEB Limited, Progressive construction company Limited, Madhucon Projects Limited, Sew Construction Limited, Ramkey, APCO Construction, BSBK Construction. In addition to this, we have a long list of our foreign clients largely based in Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Caribbean Islands and South America.

    Capious Road Tech Pvt Ltd is also an approved supplier to the prestigious Border Road Organization, through Controlled of quality Assurance (DGQA ENGG EQPT) monitored by Defense Ministry after going through a stringent inspection and quality acceptance.

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