Metro tunnel at anand vihar
After constructing the first pillar (pier) of the 82-km Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor's Delhi section, the project marked another milestone by starting tunnelling work for the underground section starting at Anand Vihar. When operational, the 3-km tunnel connecting Anand Vihar and Sarai Kale Khan RRTS stations would be the longest for any metro system in the country. Recently, the construction of the launching shaft for tunnelling commenced at Anand Vihar, where one of the three RRTS stations in Delhi would come up. The first Diaphragm Wall (D-Wall) panel reinforcement cage, which has a height of a 10-storey building at 20-metre deep, apart from the 5-metre width, was lowered and concreted. The D-wall acts as a shield or frame to balance the earth pressure, thereby reducing the possibility of soil collapse and also prevents water seepage during excavation. The launching shaft is located at the south side of the upcoming underground Anand Vihar RRTS station. Two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are being lowered in the shaft to bore twin tunnels from Anand Vihar towards Sarai Kale Khan and that the total drive of these TBMs will be around 3-km in length. An air ventilation shaft will be constructed in between this large section connecting both sides of the tunnel to ensure the safety of passengers during any emergency. A crisis evacuation facility for passengers is also being constructed to facilitate safe exit from tunnels, in a rare eventuality requiring evacuation.
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