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Renowned maverick architect Jimmy Mistry has proved that it is not necessary to take a degree from an elite design school to set new benchmarks in design but it is experience that is more important and also the biggest strength to grow. A mechanical engineer by qualification he shakes the roots of conventional architectural wisdom and carves a niche for himself. His passion for work extends beyond the ordinary, which can be seen in his all projects.

He started his career by doing contracting jobs and executing projects, then worked with the Italian design firm for three years as an importer. That was the turning point of his life which gave him abundance of experience and real understanding of building materials, executions, design and layout. After getting sufficient expertise, he decided to enter into the field of interior design by doing turnkey projects and then finally into the space of architecture.

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Today, Jimmy Mistry is at the helm of Della Tecnica a trailblazing organization with a diverse presence in architecture & master planning, interior design consultancy, turnkey interior fit out, modular furniture, development, adventure, resorts and banquets. Started this architectural practice in 1996 with a handful of people and few lakh rupees, the firm today has a turnover of over Rs.100 crore and over 2500 professionals network across five offices in India and serves clients as trusted advisors, combining localized expertise with global perspective. The firm gets tremendous success which is beyond its anticipation.

Till date, he has transformed several ET 100 corporate cultures into dynamic environments and crafted many value propositions into experiences from major master planning and mass housing projects to large scale architectural projects from shopping malls to TV studios to high profile residences and hospitality design.

Despite his already notable accomplishments, he is driven to constantly reinvent himself and his work. His gift is to turn the object of his commission instantly into a place of charm and pleasure. Operating at an award winning level for over a decade, the firm design philosophy is simple and prior to executing the projects, it focuses on every minute details from building solutions to the choice of colours, even lighting material is determined by the nature of the buildings. The team undertakes extensive research about the project and its users before accepting an assignment and believes that the projects on which it work, should be a landmark.

Citing on his firm Ar. Jimmy Mistry said, "at Della Tecnica, we possess a vibrant vision, a zest for innovation and a commitment to sustainability. Designing with a passion, purpose, sensitivity and humility, we strive to create unique, inspirational, and path breaking structures and landmarks that stand the test of time. Our design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages our multidisciplinary teams to create successful buildings that are visually appealing, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient - all in a conscious attempt to initialize a silent conversation with every spectator, and at the same time bringing out a balance in form and function."

Expatiating on the same he added "without the slightest compromise on our fundamental principles, we design for our most discerning clients and developers, and try to create value-add for the end-users, keeping in mind that our spaces should enhance and uplift the lives and lifestyle of the society, and for as many people as possible. With a futuristic vision of adding global design to the cityscape through our concept-based democratic designs, we aim to deliver them across the country with a consistent high standard service; validated by our conscience on the ecological and environmental implications. A lot of repeat business reflects the trust and value our clients place in our experienced team.

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The firm has received numerous accolades and honours for its extraordinary and exceptional quality work that includes Young Design Practice award 2001 by Indian Institute of Interior Designers; 6th Annual VM&RD Merit 2009 in Retail Design for Bajaj Probiking in Transportation Category; Kingfisher Airport Lounge for Bar & Restaurant Design; Young Achiever Award, 2004 by the Indo-American Society; Best Commercial Urban Architecture Design Excellence, 2009 from Construction Source India; Outstanding Performance in Infrastructure Development, 2010 in the Territory of Daman & Diu etc.

A detailed interview with Mr. Ar jimmy Mistry will give insight about Della Tecnica, its design philosophy, sustainability issues etc. Excerpts.

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