Polygomma EPDM Waterproofing Membranes
Polygomma™ EPDM Membrane installed in a basement. Standard disclaimer clause applicable
Polygomma manufactures world-class EPDM Waterproofing Membranes and Pond Liners. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) membrane is a single-ply rubber waterproofing membrane that is being used in the waterproofing industry worldwide since half a century. EPDM membranes have become the standard single-ply waterproofing system due to its extensive benefits.

Generally, the box-type system (using Shahbad tiles) is used for waterproofing the basements. However, sometimes crystalline coatings are also used for this application.

Even though box-type waterproofing is being used since decades in India, some issues that come along with it are:
  1. The installation of box-type waterproofing is extremely time consuming, laborious and expensive.
  2. There are numerous numbers of joints, which need to be filed with rich quality material. The joints are vulnerable and are prone for damage/leakage.
  3. Upon the settlement of the building, the Shahbad tiles may tend to crack, as they are brittle in nature. The cracked tiles can be a cause for leakage, which is difficult and expensive to repair.
The EPDM waterp- roofing membranes are an excellent alternate to the conventional waterproofing systems. The Polygomma EPDM membranes have the following advantages:
  1. Polygomma EPDM membranes are offered in sizes of width upto 6 meters (with factory seam), and 30 meters length which makes installation easy and fast.
  2. Due to the size of our EPDM membranes, the numbers of site joints are considerably reduced.
  3. The EPDM membranes have an elongation of over 300%. Thus, it is able to take care of the building settlements, as well as structural movements, without causing leakages.
  4. The overall cost of the Polygomma EPDM membranes is a lot less in comparison with the conventional waterproofing systems, such as box-type waterproofing, etc.
Polygomma Waterproofing Membranes

The Polygomma™ Waterproofing Memb- ranes can be used in various areas of a building from foundation to roof, including podiums, flower beds, swimming pools, terrace gardens, etc. The PolygommaTM Waterproofing Membranes have a life expectancy of more than 20 years. The product is easy to apply, and techno-commercially better than conventional substitutes such as box-type, torch on membranes and various chemical/crystalline coatings.

NBM&CW November 2016