Protection of floors in industrial units is often neglected due to lack of knowledge about its significance and also due to the fact that it is not treated as part of the core industrial activity. But often damaged floors may result in un- avoidable accidents which in turn may cause damage to equipment, injury to workers and also eventually production loss to the company.

Damage to flooring in industrial units occur due to many reasons, main being overloading. This can be prevented by awareness programme among the workers and following the factory rule-book strictly. Cracks may also appear on the floor of the factory due to movement of heavy equipment. The most common form of damage within the factory takes place at unloading bay while offloading steel/plastic moulds on the floor. Scratches and cracks are bound to happen unless proper care is taken while unloading. In such cases, use of 'DURAfloorguard' can play a vital role in protecting floor from getting damaged and thus making the life of the Factory Manager much easier.

'DURAfloorguard', another innovative product from Supreme Industries, with its high compression strength is ideal for industrial flooring as it has a higher load bearing capacity and gives protection to the flooring against impact by inbuilt cushioning effect.

Being a closed-cell, polymer based product 'DURAfloorguard', ensures negligible water/moisture absorption. Thus, there is no danger of pores being filled with water. It is inert to alkalis and most of the acids thus protecting the floor from physical damage caused by any chemical reaction. Also, 'DURAfloorguard' is not affected by oil or other hydrocarbons which are commonly used in the factories. Another advantage of 'DURAfloorguard' is that it can be used directly in construction without any treatment.

Because of these qualities, 'DURAfloorguard' has been found ideal for shop floors of heavy engineering industry and mould shops, unloading bay, machine foundation, assembly line for vibration damping and load bearing for heavy structure etc.

NBMCW June 2016