Hasan Rizvi
Mr. Hasan Rizvi, Vice President, STP Ltd.
Waterproofing Technology is continuously progressing. In this context several important concepts are illustrated which are of use to technology planners and forecasters in this field. Waterproofing Technology, per say is all the knowledge, products, tools, methods and systems employed in creating of a leak proof structure. STP Ltd has one of the biggest R&D divisions in the field of Construction Chemicals and allied products in India. The company's products have been in use even much before India got Independence and over the years STP Ltd has become a Master in the Field of Waterproofing.

Waterproofing Of Overhead Tank

Waterproofing with liquid membranes has gained popularity due to:
  • system is seamless, i.e. without joints It is a fully bonded system, thus ensures greater security against infiltration or damages to liquid membrane
  • Ease of application / User-friendly.
  • They can be installed easily on any contour surface.
STP Terrace Waterproofing System

The liquid membranes (bitumen, resin, acrylic, polyurethane, water or solvent based, in one/two-components) can be used in civil, industrial projects.

Their main application is waterproofing of roofs, balconies, terraces, roof-gardens and planters tubs, walls, parking lots and concrete structures, but also they can be used to waterproof surfaces and concrete walls, against-ground water. STP Ltd is one of the pioneers companies for waterproofing which was established well back in 1935. Trusted for generations, it has the largest range of new generation and traditional waterproofing products in India.

STP System For Basement Waterproofing

Two-Components Cementitious elastomeric Liquid applied Waterproofing membrane: ShaliCem EWP of STP Ltd can be reinforced with glass fibers and is used for waterproofing Roof, sunken, watertank, swimming pools, foundations, retaining walls etc.

- Liquid Polyurethane Materials: ShaliUrethane LHM (Solvent based PU System) used for all types of waterproofing, applied by roller or airless spray to waterproof balconies, roof deck, mechanical equipment rooms, wet rooms, terraces garden system.

- Liquid Applied Water based, cold applied elastomeric coating PU system ShaliUrethane BTD, this single component system is ready to use material.

NBMCW April 2016