VXL Systems
VXL Systems is an upcoming manufacturer of world class Expansion and Seismic joint cover systems in India. It offers complete solution by providing quality products, reliable services and technical support. With change in customers aspirations, VXL also provides tailor made solutions for critical joints at various levels. The company is led by a dynamic team of technocrats, who have vast experience in the field of waterproofing industry.

The best way to succeed in a highly competitive market is to be the best in the business. VXL SYSTEMS offers range of models to accommodate various joint sizes and requirements, such as:
  • Aluminium Floor, Wall and Roof Cover
  • Elastomeric Floor Cover
  • Seismic Cover
  • Extra Wide seismic cover
  • Heavy Duty Cover
  • Expansion Joint Seal Systems
  • Fire Barrier
Expension Joint Cover
Top-Quality products demand equivalent service. As strictly customer-oriented problem solver, VXL Systems offers quality service for added value with individual solutions for every project and requirement.

VXL Systems, believes that satisfied customers are the most effective brand ambassadors. The company is committed to spare no effort in continuing its quest for greater market share through excellence in serving their customers 'BEYOND THE WRITTEN WORDS'.

NBMCW April 2014