Glass Fiber Wrapping can be used where concrete looses its capacity/design strength due to corrosion change in use and / or the design code demands increases in load carrying capacity. It can also be used for restoration of the damages RCC Structures and to regain its design strength.

Fiber wrapping is the latest strengthening/enhancement technology for reinforced concrete and masonary structural members. It is used for flexural, shear or confinement strengthening of structural members. and ensure minimum disturbance to the structural members as compared to other conventional methods.


  • Multifunctional can be used in bending and in shear
  • Low in weight
  • Available in any length
  • Flexible, fits around any given structural element
  • Excellent chemical and weathering resistance
  • Low overall thickness
  • Economic application
  • Easy to use solvent free impregnating resin

NBM&CW November 2012