Gubbi Civil Engineers which deals with a varied range of civil repairing and waterproofing works such as Structural repair, carbon wrapping, Glass fiber wrapping, Coating, Stamped concrete, Pavers etc, is a well-established organization for the past two decades. The company earned good reputation for having the professionally equipped team who has a varied experience of the markets and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction.

Epoxy Grouting

It is a high strength epoxy grout which consists of epoxy resin, and epoxy hardener. It is suitable for grouting bases of numerous configurations. This shrinkage gives excellent strength and resistance to many corrosive chemicals. It is commonly used for repairing hairline cracks and cavities in concrete structures and can be adopted as primer or bonding agent. It provides excellent bond to foundation and maximum bearing for long lasting grouting projects.

Area of Application

Tanks, turbines and housings; Large anchor bolts and keyways; Fertilizer petrochemicals indus- tries, etc.

Features and Benefits

Non shrink, free flowing; Fast setting/quick return to service; High chemical resistance; Excellent bearing; Excellent bond foundation to base plate; Stable in deep or thick sections.

NBM&CW May 2012