3M Extreme Sealing Tape: 3M launches 3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape, 4412 N for roof sealing application, an unique and dependable product.

Increasingly, as every part of Construction Industry is leaning towards "Green" the roofing is moving towards more light transmittable material. What better way to conserve energy but to allow the natural light into your office, shop or residence through skylights? The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was known to light up the interior spaces with natural light and believed," the best way to light a home is nature's way". Exciting technological advancement has made it possible today to design roofing which allows daylight to come in minus the glare and at the same time conserve energy.

Skylights, which is supposed to bring light to your life, often do spring a leak and by the time it is diagnosed or even detected, they would have damaged, the ceiling or even form a puddle of water below. Typical causes of a leaking glass or polycarbonate roof is the inadequate flashings, loose capping or perished seals. Sealants can fix seals temporarily but it is never the answer. Another major cause of leakage, especially in the metal roofs is fastener movement. Thermal shocks causes fastener to loosen and back out.

3M Extreme Sealing for roof sealing application

MGS Architecture September - October 2011