Challenging carbonation and corrosion of concrete: enhance durability, safety and sustainability

Dr. Aparna Kumar, Managing Director, TECH-DRY INDIA

Tech Dry has been a thought leader in the Indian waterproofing and building construction market since 1992. Through a collaboration with Tech Dry Australia, we brought into the Indian market technology that was scientific, new-age and environment-friendly. Founded and led by Dr. S.P. Bhatnagar, a scientist of the highest caliber and repute, Tech Dry India has remained true to its mission: to scientifically understand problems of waterproofing and develop innovative yet practical solutions for our customers that were non-hazardous to either the user or the environment. Dr. Bhatnagar was devoted to not just undertsnading the science but also sharing that knowledge with the larger construction industry. Impressing upon it the role of environmentally responsible approaches needed, and that could be taken, for truly sustainable structures.

Over the last 20 years, we have maintained our close customer interaction and strong focus on R&D to use our scientific and technical knowledge and bring innovative, 4th generation products to the Indian Market. With an extensive products line-up, we offer eco-friendly solutions in admixtures, crystalliza- tion, repellency impregnants, polymer modified mortars, elastomeric coatings, grouting and more. One important thing to understand is how waterproofing chemicals can help protect reinforced concrete from the negative effects of carbonation and corrosion of reinforcement. Products discussed here have a direct ability to enhance the durability, safety, and sustainability of structures.

Concrete is the most widely used construction material and a lot of scientific knowledge regardings its properties are known. Reinforced concrete as a building material has revolutionised the construction industry, allowing it to build bigger, stronger and sometimes truly amazing structures. As our scientific understanding of concrete has grown, we understand better why problems with concrete can occur. The problems of stone decay and concrete deterioration and corrosion share several similarities: ingress of water-borne reagents by capillary action and the penetration of gaseous influences. Protekta anti-carbonation and anti-corrosion products have given very impressive results in accelerated tests for both water and salt penetration, significantly reducing damage caused by both. Degeneration of reinforcement needs to be addressed so that we can slow down if not stop its progression. Without this, buildings will not be durable or safe. Depending upon the chemistry of the environment, corrosion can set-in as early as 3 months of exposure to damaging environment. {/akeebasubs}

NBM&CW July 2012

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