Concrete Slipform Pavers- Latest Technologies and Paving Techniques

    Concrete Slipform Pavers

    Ashutosh Dhar, Director, Worldcon Technologies
    Good quality concrete pavement requires quality material, suitable road design, high quality equipment, and quality control at all stages of construction. Although, concrete roads are supposed to last long but inferior quality equipment, poor quality control, and inexperienced operator can result in early failure of the roads.

    For faster highway construction, a typical paving train should include the following:
    • Concrete Spreader
    • Slipform paver with automatic dowel bar inserter or manual placement of dowel.
    • Texturing & Curing Machine.
    Concrete Batching Plant
    Single unit automatic concrete batch mixing plant should be used to produce concrete of consistent quality and slump. Sufficient time should be allowed for each batch to achieve a homogenous mix. Moisture content should be periodically checked and adjusted accordingly to achieve a consistent slump of concrete mix. Plant should be able to print the batch production records. Concrete mix should not be carried for more than 15-20 km from the plant for paving.

    Concrete slump of each truck should be checked near the paver for consistency.

    Performance of the mix should be verified when hot-weather paving is anticipated.

    Precautions should be taken to keep the temperature of plastic concrete as low as practical (28°C).

    During hot weather, contractors should dampen the base before placing concrete, moisten dry absorptive aggregates, use ice in the mix, consider adding or increasing dosages of retarding and air-entraining admixtures.

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