New and Emerging Road Technologies for future

    Abhishek Mittal, Scientist, Dr. P. K. Jain, Chief Scientist and Head, Flexible Pavement Division,J. B. Sengupta, Principal Scientist, Dinesh V. Ganvir, Scientist, Rigid Pavements Division, CSIR–CRRI, New Delhi.

    New Age Binder With Nano Modification

    Durable, long-life roads and highways with low maintenance would be one of the priorities for the future society. To bear the increasing traffic loads, new materials and products will have to be developed. Managing the behaviour and performance of asphalt mixtures will be the greatest challenge for the coming decades. Temperature susceptibility characteristics and physical properties of bituminous binder at high and low field operating temperatures can affect the final performance of the bituminous concrete. To improve the performance of bituminous mixtures, the addition of modifiers to bitumen has become popular in recent years. Polymeric nano composites are one of the most exciting materials discovered recently and the physical properties are successfully enhanced when a polymer is modified with small amounts of nanoclay, on the condition that the clay is dispersed at nanoscopic level. Research studies have shown that nanoclay modification of bitumen significantly improves the properties of bituminous mixtures.

    In This Article following points has been discussed
    • Warm Recycled Mix (WRM)
    • Cool Pavements
    • New Generation Stabilizers
    • Crack Free Concrete
    • Bioconcrete or Self- healing Concrete
    • Precast Concrete Pavements
    • Geopolymer Concrete
    • Studies on Super Single Tyres

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