Influence of Surface Scaling on the Performance of Cement Concrete Roads

Influence of Surface Scaling on the Performance of Cement Concrete Roads
A well designed and properly constructed cement concrete road generally outperforms the structural and functional performance parameters set for it. On the other hand, premature distresses such as surface Read More...

Emerging Methodologies & Technologies for Construction of Flexible Pavement

Emerging Methodologies & Technologies for Construction of Flexible Pavement
While an efficient transport system is needed for growth of economy, roads play an important role as most sought mode of transport. India has an extensive road network of 4.6 million kms and number of vehicles Read More...

Watershed developments in the highway ecosystem during 2017

Watershed developments in the highway ecosystem during 2017
The year gone by witnessed several structural changes, in fact, watershed developments shedding off developers concerns, stress and strains retarding the progress and growth of the road and highway Read More...

Flexible Pavement versus Rigid Pavement

Flexible Pavement versus Rigid Pavement
Two types of pavements are laid in India-rigid pavement and flexible pavement. In simple terms, a flexible pavement can be defined as a pavement layer comprising of a mixture of aggregates Read More...

Emerging Sustainable Practices in Highway Pavements Construction

Emerging Sustainable Practices in Highway Pavements Construction
Sustainability is a key issue facing today’s society. The goal of sustainability is to make the world suitable for future generations. There is increasing awareness that certain human activities and development Read More...

Roads Sector – An Outlook

Roads Sector – An Outlook
The Government of India recognised the importance of roads,in the real sense, in early 2000 when the then Prime Minister Sh A. B. Vajpayee, office, took direct charge of the Ministry of Roads & Highways for regular Read More...

Unlocking the Development Potential of the National Highways and Roads Sector

Unlocking the Development Potential of the National Highways and Roads Sector
On a global level, India boasts of the second-largest road networks in the world, with around 50 lakh kms of national highways, state highways and rural & urban roads connecting the villages and towns Read More...

The Consonance of Organizational Ergonomics in Indian Construction

Schematic Diagram
Ergonomics, also known as human factor, is a deductive discipline perturbed with the correlation among human beings and other elements of workplace. It is a field that administers principles, methods Read More...

PMGSY– a success story!

Of all the government's sponsored flagship schemes to promote holistic rural development in terms of providing basic services to country's hinterlands, the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) Read More...

Geosynthetic Applications in Pavement Construction

Schematic Flexible Pavement Crust Section
The pavement is a structural entity which takes up cyclic stresses from various types of vehicles that are deemed to ply along the selected route over its designated life. The pavement surface is required Read More...

Concrete Slipform Pavers- Latest Technologies and Paving Techniques

Concrete Slipform Pavers
Good quality concrete pavement requires quality material, suitable road design, high quality equipment, and quality control at all stages of construction. Although, concrete roads are supposed to last long Read More...

Durable and Cost Effective Concrete Overlay on City Bituminous Roads: Whitetopping

Concrete is a very durable material for the construction of roads and highways. Several highways, expressway, and city roads have been constructed with cement concrete in the recent past in India Read More...

Stone Matrix Asphalt Indian Experiences

Stone Matrix Asphalt
Over the years India has seen a tremendous rise not only in the traffic volume, but heavy loading as well. Vehicles carrying heavy loads, have special designed tyres, which are inflated to high pressure, Read More...

Cold Asphalt Mixes for Indian Highways Environment Friendly Technology

Cold Asphalt Mixes
Cold asphalt mix is produced by mixing unheated mineral aggregate with either emulsified bitumen or foamed bitumen. Unlike hot mix asphalt (HMA), cold asphalt mix does not require any heating of Read More...

Full Depth Reclamation – A Technique for Improving Roads with Poor Underlying layers

Full Depth Reclamation
Roads are a necessity for the modern life – and more specifically, good roads are essential for an efficient transportation system. Quite often roads deteriorate not because of the poor quality of the surface Read More...

Some Suggestions for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Road Transport Sector

Road Transport Sector
Greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of road vehicles are a matter of serious concern in the world and India. As the number of vehicles is growing rapidly in India, India's contribution to the global Read More...

Little Known Facts About Concrete Roads

Concrete Roads
In recent years, due to the increasing use of cement concrete as a road building material, a number of articles on 'concrete roads' have been published in NBM&CW, as well as other technical journals Read More...

Achieving Good Riding Quality for Flexible Pavements

Flexible Pavements
For many years, researchers have been working on development of latest equipment for pavement construction to obtain better and sustainable surface. Significant advancements have been made Read More...

Highway Sector- Riding the Waves of New Change

Durgapur Xpressway
Developments taken place in the highway sector during the last few months have proved wrong the French saying that more it is changed, the more it remains the same. Riding the waves of new Read More...

Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM): A Game Changer in Road sector

Hybrid Annuity Model
Road sector continues to be a formidable force to revive the capital expenditure cycle in the badly battered Infrastructure sector. While much has been talked about the evolution of the sector the Model Read More...

Sustainable Road Construction Technology

krishnagiri WP Road
ACC Set up the first commercial Ready Mix concrete plant in Mumbai in 1994. It Concrete is one of the largest Ready Mix Concrete manufacturers with a network of Read More...

Flexible Pavements with Bituminous Construction and New Technologies

Flexible Pavements
The heavy wheel loads and fast traffic on modern highways require adequate cover called the pavement on the natural soil to provide a hard wearing surface and to distribute the loads within the bearing capacity Read More...

Opportunities and Challenges of Highway Projects in India

Highway Projects in India
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is responsible for the formulation of policies relating to regulation of road transport in the country, besides making/monitoring arrangements for vehicular Read More...

Utilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in the United States

Asphalt Pavement in United States
Recycling of asphalt pavements started around 1915 in the United States, but it did not become a common practice until later (1970s) when asphalt binder prices skyrocketed as a result of Read More...

Climate Change – It’s High Time to Consider the Impacts on Roadway Pavements

Increase in Cost of Maintenance
Research has clearly shown (and continues to do so) that as a result of changing global climatic patterns countries are becoming increasingly vulnerable to devastating damage to the infrastructure – for example Read More...

Slope Protection Works for Rockfall Prevention in NH-22

Slope Protection Works
NH–22 connects the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. In this road, Zirakpur to Parwanoo stretch (length 17.5 km) has now been four-laned. A part of this four lane road has been Read More...

Road Sector Picks up Pace

Road Sector Wirtgen Cold Mining
Government is currently going all out to revive the road sector and in the first year of taking over reins at the Centre, it has taken multiple initiatives to boost stakeholders' interest in the sector and appears Read More...

The Indian Road Experience: Challenges and Possibilities

Road Builders
Driving on Indian roads is a harrowing experience. Ambitious agenda of road and infrastructure improvement is a priority of governments at the centre as well as in the states. While various Read More...

India’s Future Road Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities

Indian Road Infrastructure
With a population of 1.1 billion, growing at 1.6 per cent per annum, India may have a population of 1.3 billion in the year 2020 – almost equal to the projected population of China. With 60% of the present Read More...

Study of Shadow Toll Mechanism with the Experience of International Countries

Toll Mechanism
The United Kingdom pioneered the concept and practice of shadow tolls mechanism in 1990s through its implementation of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). It is a strategic economic policy Read More...

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