Diagnosis of Deterioration in Concrete Structures - Process, Steps and Common Methodology

    Mohammed Aslam Khan, Material Engineer, Halcrow International Partnership Dubai, (UAE)

    Diagnosis of Deterioration in Concrete Structures


    Concrete being a very durable material has potential to serve long unless subjected to the deterioration by external agents. Diagnosing a defect can be established through determination of its prevailing cause. An investigation should lead to the identification of various types of fault and mechanisms of deterioration in the structure. It is important to differentiate between the construction defects and ongoing problems.

    Preliminary Investigation
    • reviewing documents related to the structure and its construction
    • undertaking a preliminary site visit
    • considering and implementing access and safety provisions
    • selecting numbers and locations of samples and laboratory test methods
    Detail Investigation
    • undertaking on-site visual inspection
    • sampling and in situ testing followed by lab testing
    Assessment & Recommendations
    • interpreting results & finding causes of deterioration
    • Structural assessment & remaining service life
    • reporting on findings.

    Elements of Investigation Programme

    The typical phases of an investigation programme include the following:

    Preliminary Investigation

    The scope and methodology of a preliminary investigation can involve one or more of the following steps depending on the size and complexity of the project.

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