Precast and Prestressed Concrete

Precast and Prestressed Concrete
Historically, architecture has been related to a technical and artistic duality which is a pulse among these realities which has driven this profession since its beginning. This inseparable relationship must Read More...

Precast Concrete Airport Control Towers

Barcelona Tower
Being a liquid material, concrete can be cast into any form allowing it to adapt to structural shapes, minimizing the use of material. At the same time, it can be cast into architectural shapes to resolve Read More...

Bridges in Precast Concrete with Monolithic Joints

Bridges in Precast Concrete
Concrete bridges are often simply supported structures with bearings and expansion joints. Like elsewhere in the world much of the observed distress in these bridges emanates from expansion joints Read More...

Precast Concrete Stations for Metro Projects: A Challenge to Designers & Constructors

Typical Metro Station
Usually Metro Structures are provided in the busy areas, in order to reduce traffic congestion. A very common route for Metro Viaducts is to provide it over existing roads, with piers in the median. Hence, Read More...

Production of Curved Precast Concrete Elements for Shell Structures

Timber Formwork
Free-form buildings tend to be expensive. By optimizing the production process, economical and well-performing precast concrete structures can be manufactured. In this paper, a method Read More...

Precast Technology for Low Cost Housing Schemes in India

Precast Technology for Low Cost Housing
"Huge and large Compact Dwelling Units Scattered & Spread over Thousands of sites with Speed, Efficiency High Quality and Low Price" is achieved using innovatively crafted Taylor made house Read More...

Innovative Precast Concrete Structures – An Indian Experience

Precast Concrete Structures
This paper deals with the way in which efficient concrete structures have evolved in our firm during the last fifty years. For precast concrete structures to qualify as being efficient they should be cost Read More...

Suitability of Precast Systems for Different Projects

Precast Construction
We have been hearing about the smart city in newspapers, television channels, media, etc., and it is reverberating every day. Precast construction revolution is under way in India, and soon it will be Read More...

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