Wirtgen Milling & Recycling Machines give Excellent result at NH-2

    Wirtgen Case Study

    Wirtgen most compact and versatile machines W2000 and WR240 have been used for milling and cold in situ recycling works by contractor Soma during the road rehabiliation of Varansi-Aurangabad section of NH-2 which is one of India’s busiest highways.

    The Concession was awarded by NHAI to Soma – Isolux Consortium through LOA on 29 April 2010. SPV named Soma Isolux Varanasi Aurangabad Tollway Private Limited was incorporated for signing the Concession Agreement and to carry out the work. The project was six laning of Varanasi-Aurangabad Section of NH-2 from 786.000 km to 978.400 km (Length 192.400 km) in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) Toll basis under NHDP Phase-V.

    NH2 Location Map
    To make work on this busy highway, faster, safer, and smoother with minimum traffic disturbance, Soma decided to use the cutting-edge technologies of Wirtgen machines which helped it to economically and efficiently remove the pavement surface on a large scale, recycle the crushed brash, use it in the mix of the new asphalt and complete the project on time.

    According to Mr. Vikas Birla, GM and Mr. E Sudheer, Project Manager, Soma, “Versatility makes Wirtgen cold milling machines economical. The Flexible Cutter System light (FCS Light) enables W 2000 to be equipped with milling drum of various tools spacing. From deep milling using the eco cutter or standard milling drum to fine milling or micro fine milling, the W 2000 completes a wide range of demanding jobs on its own.”

    Talking about the WR 240, the duo say, “Equipped with a powerful milling and mixing rotor as well as cutting-edge injection systems, the machine mill and granulate asphalt pavements, inject binding agents and water in precisely metered quantities and mix everything together – all in a single operation. It has several technical advancements, such as total view of the job with lateral displacement of the operator cabin, rear camera, smaller turning radius for jobs in urban spaces and possibilities of using up to nine different cutting speeds according to the type and hardness level of the material to be recycled.” Apart from these machines, WIRTGEN heavy tandem rollers and compactors are also used in this project.
    Pavement composition on NH 2
    Pavement composition on NH-2
    Mix Design for Cold Recycling
    • Project: 6 Laning of Varanasi-Aurangabad Section of NH-2
    • Contract Length: 192.40 Km [start-786+000 to 978+400 End]
    • Service road: 291.408 Km [L.H.S + R.H.S ]
    • Authority: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
    • Concessionaire: Soma Isolux Varanasi Aurangabad Tollway (P) Ltd
    • Independent Engineer: ICT (P) Ltd in JV with Rodic Consultants (P) Ltd
    • EPC Contractor: Soma Enterprise Ltd-Package-A Ch:786+000-871+000
    • Isolux Corsan –Package-B-Ch: 871+000 -978+400
    • Safety Consultant: M/S RITES Ltd
    • Project Cost: `3379.45 cr
    • Concession Agreement: 30th July 2010
    • Concession Period: 30 Years
    BSM Cold Mix Blend Table

    Existing Damaged Highway
    Existing Damaged Highway

    Recycling process

    Road Survey- Exact thickness of Asphalt layer is verified
    Road Survey- Exact thickness of Asphalt layer is verified
    Milling Machine W2000 used for milling of top 70mm layer

    Wirtgen Milling Machine W2000 is a powerful, compact cold milling machine mounted on crawler tracks for the removal of individual pavement layers or complete carriageway structures at depths of upto 32 cm in one single pass. Its powerful engine, large tracks and generously dimensioned conveyor system ensure high daily production rates. Its salient features are:
    • High Milling power for high productivity
    • Efficient completion of the entire spectrum of milling jobs
    • Particularly suitable for the removal of pavements on a large scale
    • Ergonomic design, operator comfort and intuitive operation for high milling efficiency
    • Front-loading conveyor offering high loading capacity and numerous adjustment options
    Recycling process

    Wirtgen WR240 did cold in situ recycling using foamed bitumen
    • WR240, the all-rounder of the WR series, provides a wide range of applications and highest levels of flexibility.
    • With a working width of 2.40 m and a maximum working depth of 510 mm, the recycler is highly flexible when it comes to operations in soil stabilizing and cold recycling.
    • Thanks to its high-performance levels in milling and mixing and its variable mixing chamber, consistent and homogeneous mixing results can be achieved.
    • When it comes to soil stabilizing, the ideal performance range is between 4,000 and 8,000 square metres a day.
    • For cold recycling, the ideal performance range is between 500 and 1,000 square metres per hour and 15 to 20 cm of asphalt thickness.
    situ recycling using foamed bitumen

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