A Case Study of Rehabilitation of Road in North Karnataka with “StrataWeb” Geocells

    Suprio Choudhury, Deputy General Manager – Business Development, Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

    Case Study Title: Rehabilitation of Road
    Client / Owner: PWD Karnataka
    Location: North Karnataka
    System Offered: StrataWeb Geocells (SW-35) of 150mm depth
    Length of road = 900m
    Width of road = 5.6m
    Project Execution & Completion Date: May 2012

    Project Brief: Monsoons in North Karnataka are notorious for causing severe damage to roads. An example of this can be seen on the two way paved roads in the town centre of Hangal, in North Karnataka. This stretch was plagued with problems like reflective cracks, potholes, undulating surfaces etc., resulting in slowdowns in traffic movement.

    The Challenge: This stretch had to be rehabilitated time and again over the past few years, apparently without any long-term solution. Since the area is a major commercial hub, it was not possible to completely close off any section for a long time.

    Solution by Strata Geo systems Conventional methods of road-making were previously tried and monitored. With limited options left, Strata Geosystems’ suggestion of using StrataWeb geocells to strengthen the base course of the road was given due consideration and selected for rehabilitation.

    The StrataWeb Geocell is essentially an HDPE cellular confinement system and is a proven solution for load support, earth retention, slope protection, and channel applications. The expandable, honeycomb-like cellular structure is light and can be collapsed for easy transportation even to remote areas. StrataWeb sections are inert against naturally found chemicals. The cells of the StrataWeb system provide a permanent flexible form adjusting to the shape and grade of the soil. When filled with cohesionless material, StrataWeb form rigid mats capable of distributing imposed loads.

    Rehabilitation of Road
    Initial Site Conditions Folded up StrataWeb geocells easily transported to Site Spreading and anchoring the StrataWeb geocell
    StrataWeb Geocells laid out StrataWeb Geocell infilling with GSB material (Gr-III) Unpaved road ready to be used immediately after placing GSB infill

    The Procedure: The surface was dressed and compacted. StrataWeb geocells were spread over the dressed surface by manual labour. Adjoining sections of StrataWeb geocells were connected using pneumatic staplers or ties. The geocells were spread open and anchored into position using metal anchors / wooden stakes. The geocells were then in-filled with granular material using a loader with an additional cushion cover of 50mm. The compaction to the filled material and the topping was done by a vibratory road roller. Before topping off with additional surface layers, the system was observed for its performance through 1 monsoon season which proved to be extremely successful. The granular infilled geocell layer was later topped off with surface courses as per designs.

    Benefits to the Client Conventional method of road construction would restrict traffic movement before the final paving of the road whereas StrataWeb allows immediate plying of vehicles on the road on laying. Savings in natural resources and time resulted in substantial savings for the Client. The stronger base of the road will now require a much lesser maintenance cycle as well.

    About Strata: Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd., established in 2004, is a joint venture with Strata Systems Inc., USA (part of the 130 years old Glen Raven Group of Companies). Strata Geosystems provides end-to-end technical solutions, from design to execution for geotechnical applications such as reinforced soil walls (flyovers, road over bridges etc.), soil embankment stabilization, reinforced steep slopes, reinforced foundations, slope protection, load support for paved and unpaved roads and bearing capacity improvement, landfills and reservoirs. Strata Geosystems is reputed for its quality, durability and cost effectiveness and manufacture conforming to strict international quality standards. Its committed team of experienced design and project engineers ensures timely and accurate installation.

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