GYS Vision

Sonali Rastogi and Rahat Varma, Morphogenesis
At a Glance:
Project: GYS Vision
Location: Gurgaon, India
Type: Commercial
Built-up Area: 18,00,000 sq.ft
Site area: 10.5 Acres
Status: Under Construction
Architectural Firm: Morphogenesis
Client: Dignity Buildcon

With the rapid increase of urban density in our cities and land being a major constraint, we need to look for solutions that allow the city to expand. High-rise is a response to the paucity of land, with a direct relationship between compact living and tall buildings. As a design ideology, the high-rise typology of construction has often been seated centre stage at a number of architectural discourses.

At this stage today, India is a rapidly growing economy and there is a palpable increase in exposure to global construction technologies and awareness of architectural style vocabularies. It would not be wrong to state that skyscrapers have come to be commonly identified with worldwide economic and cultural integration and a collapse of boundaries. Whether it is stacking of function or services, we need to ensure that this stacking along with architectural briefs must augment the socio-cultural lifestyle of its users.

NBM&CW October 2016