Sanjay Khorana, V.P., Tashee Group

In the last two decades it has been noticed that computers, cell phones, cars, HAVC systems and numerous other devices have developed into smarter and more resourceful but our buildings are more or less the same. A smart building will be much more than just brick and mortar. By tackling the control of linked devices via Internet of things contemporary buildings will be designed to extremely well-organized, smarter and relaxed to live in and supervise.

Question is how IOT is going to make buildings smarter? Now a day almost everyone is aware about the operating systems in your computers and mobile phones. How about operating system for building that unsighted numerous building mechanization systems together? An operating system that knows your buildings, its use, energy and water spending, safeguarding requirements, etc and it remembers and learns these patterns. Data rendered by these patterns will be applied to improve the performance of multiple building automation system to allow central control and attain higher levels of effectiveness.

What is Internet of Things?
Internet of things also known as IOT is a network of everyday objects, living beings or things that are engrafted with sensors and software's and are altered with connectivity with via IP address to allow them to correspond with the cloud and each other without human involvement.

NBM&CW December 2015