Sustainable Infrastructure Development

As economy, particularly the manufacturing sector, is getting ready for a major push under "Make in India" initiative of the government, the need for sustainable infrastructure development is one of the key challenges. With the increasing demand of cement and bricks in the housing and infrastructure projects, there is going to be huge pressure on these industries. The current scenario necessitates developing eco-friendly and low cost variants of construction material to ensure economic interests do not undermine environmental concerns.

Ashok Khosla
According to eminent environmen- talist and Chairman, Development Alternatives (DA), Dr Ashok Khosla, "In the next three decades, we can expect even more new buildings and infrastructure to be built globally than the entire stock that exists today. No sector of the economy consumes more material than construction, and of all the materials used in construction, cement and bricks account for the largest share of resources that are extracted from nature. Obviously, any saving of resources achieved through innovation can yield a huge benefit for the environment and thus to the economy. For people, eco-friendly construction material represents a sustainable wellbeing; for business, it represents more sustainable profits; for our resource base, it represents a sustainable future. It's a win-win-win for all."
  • Global Think Tank – Development Alternatives (DA) is focusing on developing eco-friendly and low cost cement (LC3 ) and fly ash brick technology, to cater to the increasing demand of cement and bricks in the housing and infrastructure projects in the country
  • It will result in low capital investment and significant reduction in CO2 emissions

NBM&CW June 2015