Suprio Sengupta
AVTEC, part of $1.8 billion CK Birla Group, is one of India’s leading supplier of heavy duty transmission aggregates & components in the 50-1000+ HP range, for both domestic and global off-highway majors.

The Company has its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Hosur and Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The Hosur plant manufactures indigenously designed transmission aggregates, both automatic and power-shift, for Cycling and Hauling application. The Chennai plant is a dedicated export-oriented unit catering to heavy duty transmission components for the global off-highway majors.

AVTEC serves a broad array of applications including Loaders, Dump trucks, Forklifts, Railway OHE cars & UTVs, cranes and many more, with several marquee domestic and global OEMs in Construction, Mining, Material Handling, Oil field and Railways.

AVTEC is the only Indian company to have developed a 2 stage helical bi-directional gearbox for Metro rail with the design flexibility to adapt to EMU and MEMU application. The gearbox design is the outcome of over 2 years of hardcore engineering, rigorously validated for various tests like NVH, fatigue, lubrication and leak, water tightness, cold start and short circuit resistance. It has a unique splash lubrication system for optimum lubrication to bearings along with fit-and-forget mechanical seals ensuring a design life of 35 years with lower maintenance cost and higher reliability.

To further leverage its expertise in the off-highway segment, AVTEC has taken a logical way of progression and marked its entry into the Defence sector as well. Currently, the company is working on gearbox projects for the battle tanks and FICV (Future Infantry Combat Vehicles). It has designed and developed a transmission system at its Tech Centre at Hosur, which will in-turn be fitted on BMPs under the Army Project. This makes AVTEC the only Indian company to have such capability to provide complete solutions in the true spirit of “Make in India”. The company is also working on projects for components for aerospace application.

AVTEC’s in-house Technical Centre at Hosur has a capability for design and development, proto-type building, testing, validation and value added application engineering, complemented by expertise in developing and managing the complete supply chain and manufacturing. The company delivers competency across the entire value chain of design and manufacture of high precision transmission aggregates and components through the Tech Centre with over 35 design engineers for developing innovative solutions for the off-highway industry. Today, AVTEC is the only Indian player with the ability to supply full transmission aggregates to the off-highway market and for select defence applications.

NBM&CW August 2017