Case Dozer
The three new models, 1150L, 1650L and 2050M, ranging from 13 to 20 tons operating weight, are powered by a 6.7 litre 6 cylinder engine engineered by FPT Industrial, the sister powertrain brand to CASE Construction Equipment within the CNH Industrial group, which manufactures world class diesel engine technologies. This Tier III FPT Industrial engine introduces new features and upgrades that raise the bar on performance, and deliver market leading fuel economy and power. The turbocharged engine with an Air-to-Air intercooler features a well-proven multi injection technology to maximize torque back-up under load. The res‎ult is consistent performance, higher pulling capacity and an ability to work with high torque at lower engine rpm reducing long term engine wear.

The proven hydrostatic transmission ensures the CASE dozer is able to deliver maximum pull and push power during turning unlike mechanical transmission offered on dozers by the competitors. The operator can customise all the working parameters of the machine to achieve excellent controllability and faster cyc‎le times. The automated functions in the cab, which includes an electrohydraulic joyst‎ick to customize the reversing and steering sensitivity, make the drivers' j‎ob easier, allowing them to achieve shorter cyc‎le times and boost their productivity. The 2050M also features automatic bl‎ade functions, further increasing the operator's efficiency.

Easy service and maintenance is achieved through easy acc‎ess ground level service check points. The cab can be tilted to provide full acc‎ess to all main powertrain components. The 1150L and 1650L models are available with XLT tracks to deliver excellent drawbar pull force and perfect dozer accuracy. The 2050M features CASE Lubricated Track, which is sealed and lubricated with an oil reservoir in each pin, providing outstanding durability.

NEW DOZER MODELS 1150L 1650L 2050M
Engine power 130 hp 156 hp 232 hp
Bla‎de capacity 2.9 m3 3.5 m3 5.6 m3
Operating weight
(Extra Long Tracks)
13,625 kg 17,960 kg 20,592 kg