Motor Graders: Manufacturers Continue With Business Dexterity

    In a buoyant market, Motor Graders, manufacturers are offering higher capacity machines to meet demand for higher productivity, and enable owners earn better profit margins, especially with project completion schedules getting tighter. NBM&CW reports.

    CASE GR 865B

    The current upswing in road construction has seen the size of the motor grader market rise from a modest 830 units in 2016 to 1000 units in 2017, with an anticipated 1200 units in 2018. Demand is being seen across both the heavier (170-180-200 hp) and lighter class (140-150 hp) of motor graders. The higher-powered machines are generally used for grading requirements of 160-200 cum/hr, while the lighter units are for grading requirements of 100-120 cum/hr. A major chunk of the demand is coming from subcontractors.

    Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, CASE India
    In the process, CASE New Holland (CNH) is offering its 845 B dual 150-173 hp, 15-ton grader and the variable 865 B 195-205-220 hp grader. “The high hp graders with higher drawbar pull enable higher productivity. Fuel consumption is optimized by automated load sensors. The right weight of the machines ensures stability in undulated conditions. The CASE Inida's patented mold board design provides little resistance during grading, and optimizes fuel consumption to a great extent. The machines come with a standard air-conditioned cabin for operator comfort, while the ROPS, FOPS and blade pitch adjustment inside the operator cabin enhance safety,” says Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, CASE India.

    CASE India provides, ripper, scarifier and dozer blade attachments as an option, and imports its graders from the Brazil facility for the Indian market.

    LiuGong Motor Grader

    Nischal Mehrotra, Director Sales, Liugong India
    Similarly, Liugong India will soon be introducing its 180 hp Liugong 4180 grader with a rated output of 220-240 cum/hr. “The product will bring us into the league of manufacturers in India who are offering higher capacity products. Targeted for the corporate and rental agencies, 4180 will be assembled at our Pithampur facility, and will feature a 13 feet blade, a German manufactured ZF transmission, an air-conditioned cabin, variable horse power and variable pumps to optimize fuel consumption,” says Nischal Mehrotra, Director Sales, Liugong India. At present, Liugong India manufactures 140 HP graders at its Pithampur facility and we are holding second position in terms of market share in India market (with reference to data from OFF HIGHWAY) and has 17 dealers in India, besides in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

    On the other hand, Action Construction Equipment (ACE), which is building up its road construction equipment business, is promoting its single model AG 176, 173 HP grader that offers higher productivity at a competitive cost for rental agencies and contractors. AG 176 has advanced ZF Technology Transmission, Meritor axles and is powered by Cummins India engine, which makes it a proven product.


    Manish Mathur, CGM – Marketing & Product Support, ACE
    Says Manish Mathur, CGM – Marketing & Product Support, ACE, “The grader delivers 5-10% higher cubic meter output per litre of fuel consumed. Due to its advanced engineering, AG 176 has a high drawbar pull at 9540 kg and blade down force at 7140 kg. The product comes with standard hydraulic controls and hose linkage with right routings for smooth functioning, with ripper and dozer attachments. An automatic greasing system makes the unit easy to operate.”

    ACE has scaled up its manufacturing further to meet growing demand & acceptance of ACE Motor Graders. ACE will offer the product as part of its package through its crane business channel, with support from its 100 plus locations across the country. ACE has put in place dedicated technicians for operator training and presently has an active fleet of 350 graders.

    SDLG G9190

    Surat Mehta (Head -Marketing & Retail development) SDLG, India
    SDLG is banking on its 12-ton G9 138, powered by 111kw engine and 15-ton G9190, powered by 148 kw engine199 hp motor graders to build up sales. “Both the products deliver lowest cost of operations, with the capability to work in tough site conditions in airports, highways, road construction and water conservancy construction. Their efficient no spin differential axle greatly improve the dynamics and traffic ability. G9138 is equipped with a robust power shift transmission to adapt to complex work requirements. Efficient Hydraulics provide wide range of blade positions to accommodate varied grading options. Advanced mold board design and controls with the right width provides best grading efficiency in lowest possible time. Both graders are ergonomically designed to provide maximum operator comfort and safety. Quick accessibility to the service points ensures ease of maintenance of the machines,” informs Surat Mehta (Head -Marketing & Retail development) SDLG, India.

    G9190 comes with a standard air conditioned cabin with maximum visibility. Adds Mehta, “One of our key product support initiatives is to up skill operators at our training facility in Bengaluru and train operators and site maintenance staff on field. A strong dealership network of 15 dealers with parts warehouses, cover all corners of the country with trained engineers to support the smooth operation Of SDLG motor graders.”

    NBM&CW June 2018

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