Competitive Crushing Solutions. . .

Competitive Crushing Solutions

Crusher manufacturers are placing products with improved features for higher productivity coupled with low operating costs for the aggregate industry. Significant improvements done in the product line in this regard includes, adding automated features in the machines, dovetailed by making the equipment rugged for higher productivity and lower maintenance. While new products placement are being made to suit the customized demand requirement. P.P Basistha finds out the details.

Higher Productivity & Low Operating Costs—the Key

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Feature advancements in the crushers are being made by adding automated features that will cut down on manual operations. This in turn will bring down operation costs to a good extent, as skilled manpower is getting costly to afford by most of the aggregate producers.

To minimize manual operations in its crushers, Taurian Engineering would equip its crushers with a dedicated software in the control panel. The software will enable the plant operator to monitor the productivity of the machines from a remote distance through a dedicated satellite, without deploying additional manpower at the site. According to Mr. Shankarnarayan, Vice-President Operations, Taurian Engineering, “the dearth of high skilled operating manpower has led us to develop the dedicated software to the benefit of the aggregate industry.” He informs, “the bigger benefit of the software is that it would allow the operator to undertake preventive maintenance of the equipment, if necessary, led by the advantage of monitoring the working of the plant.”

The software will also enable Taurian provide repair solutions for the machines from its factory plant at Roorkee. Taurian is looking to launch the machines incorporated with the advanced feature by the end of 2009.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Taurian crushers have features comprising, “programme logic control” software for the convenient operation of the machines. The machines have touch screen facilities for programme setting as well.

Mr. Shankarnarayan adds, “Taurian crushers derive their competitive advantage based on their automated control systems. The automated control systems allow smoother operation and consistency of output.” For enabling the crushers to provide better output Taurian has entered into a collaboration with US based Astec to manufacture hydraulics. Taurian also boasts of making its crushers fuel efficient in terms of its lubricants consumption. The crushers claim to consume 68 litres of lubricants as compared to 300 litres consumed by other crushers.

Taurian manufactures crushers and screening plant with a capacity range from 350TPH to 500TPH. The company plans to launch new track mounted crushers with a capacity range of 200-500TPH in due course.

Necessary automation has also been put in place by Terex Finlay’s in its crushers to minimise operating costs while ensuring high productivity. According to Terex Finlay, the company’s J1160 Jaw crusher has an advanced PLC control/monitoring systems that facilitates an automatic start/stop sequence which makes the machine more user–friendly resultantly reducing operator’s error. The hydrostatic system also provides precise control of the chamber ensuring that the operator can vary the speed of the jaw which results in increasing the throughput. The hydrostatic transmission also enables the operator to use the reverse function to clear chamber should a blockage occur.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
According to Mr. Jaideep Shekhar, Country Manager, Terex Finlay-India and South West Asia, “our machines are well–equipped with features for low operating costs.” He elaborates mentioning, “the metal purge of our cone crushers is another innovative feature which helps the operator to minimize costs and down time. The metal purge on detecting metal objects on the feed conveyor flashes up the beacon to alert the user.” According to Mr. Shekar, “instead of having to climb up onto the feed conveyor and rummage through the material unit until the contaminant is found, which can result in maximum down time, Terex Finlay have introduced an Automatic Metal Purge Option. The feed conveyor will be hydraulically brought back to its purge position, then the contaminated section of the material will be bypassed unto the purge chute. Once the metal is removed from the belt, it can be returned to its feed position to resume crushing. This fast procedure dramatically cuts down on the amount of down time caused by looking for metal on the belt.”

In order to make its machines suited to the Indian operating conditions, Terex Finlay’s cone crusher comes with a unique option of pre-screen which screens out the minus size of the material prior to entering the cone chamber thereby reducing the amount of fines generation which is required by good number of mining customers.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
According to Terex Finlay, in order to suit the Indian mining requirements, the company offers primary heavy duty screen 883, which is capable of screening out “run of mine” ore thereby reducing operating costs of handling over sized material. The machine is popular in the mining industry. It comes with a heavy duty steel pan apron feeder and 1000mm Hardox Pan making it suitable for the Indian mining industry.

Terex Finlay has made certain technological advancements in its machines for easier maintenance. The cone crushers of the company are driven through hydraulic drive which provides better protection and ability to start cone under load. It does not require v-belts or expensive clutch system, thus reducing the costs of maintenance and down time.

The use of pre–screens on the cone crushers also reduces the amount of wear and tear on the cone lines, thereby reducing the down time.

Terex Finlay, which manufactures crushers and screens, also offers wide range of solutions for iron-ore washing. The company has recently launched the C1540 RS Cone Crusher with on board screener. The machine has an option of having a prescreen, beneficial for the mining industry. The machine will be at display at the IMME 2008 show at Kolkata.

Software incorporated machines for efficient productivity is also offered by Southern based crusher manufacturer, Proman. Proman’s crushers come with a smart box. In the smart box diagnostic data of the machines can be stored. This serves to be useful diagnostic tool for preventive maintenance of the crushers. The smart box can be accessed from the web and details of the information in the box can be stored in the computer.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
However, noticeably, the advanced competitive features also include its low operating costs. According to Mr. R. S. Raghavan, Managing Director, Proman, “our vertical shaft impactors deliver the lowest cost per ton owing to its multiport technology.” He mentions, “our cones have high capacity with low power installation. This apart from being flexible, based on combination of different rotors to maximize the quality, range of aggregates or quantity with minimum or no investment for varying needs of quarry owner or a contractor.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions
For longer lifecycle, Proman’s jaw crushers have rugged features consisting reversible corrugated manganese jaw plate for longer life of the machine, replaceable deflector plate for damage prevention. The machines also have heavy cast flywheels for smooth operation under momentary over loading conditions. They are also equipped with abrasion resistant sideliners for protecting the side frames from wear and tear. To make the machines perform to Indian conditions Proman have jaws, VSI’s and screens of wide range with high capacity and rugged features.

Proman has recently launched the Ortner washing machine with hydroclone for washing sand. The combination of the crushers, according to Proman, with the machine consumes, 1/3rd of water and 1/6thof power over traditional spiral classifier or bucket wheel.

All-around Modifications

Competitive Crushing Solutions
For low operating costs and higher productivity, innovations have also been made by Metso Minerals in its crushers. Metso has been undertaking sustained innovations in its product range and quality to meet the industry demand. According to Mr. C. M. Purohit,V.P, Communication, Mining Business Line, Metso Minerals “the improvements have been made on the basis of the operator’s feedback and field experiences, so in turn to strengthen the company’s product portfolio.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Some recent modifications have been done in crushing of ore through superior primary gyratory crushers which meets the stringent requirements of the mining segment. The modification includes, installation of additional top shell to accept the higher feed size, higher rotations per minute for larger throughput and steep crushing chambers and longer crushing surfaces.

The other modifications made, for longer life of the machines includes, heavy duty frame, large diameter integral shaft assembly, main shaft position controller, easy adjustment of back lash, top frame rotation system and better dust seal. According to Mr. Purohit, “Metso’s computer designed crushing chambers helps in providing optimum chamber profile for uniform product upgradation, better distribution of wear resulting in few linear changes, for increased availability of the machines and improved efficiency.

Further as per Mr. Purohit, “for easier maintenance of the machines Metso’s new series MP crushers are the latest series of secondary and primary crushers which have higher availability. The machines have uniform production and are easier to operate. This crusher produces higher crushing force among similar crushers available in the industry. As per Metso, the MP crushers are an upgraded version of old Symons cone crushers.

The MP crushers are equipped with rotating bowl which compensates for uneven federates and allows crushers to operate in non-choke feed conditions. Hydraulic motor and gear drive arrangements provide finer control of setting. The settings can be adjusted while the machines are in loading conditions. Automated hydraulic tram release systems passes uncrushed material instantaneously. Release system maintenance the crushing force and automatically returns the crushers to its production setting after tramp occurrence. Hydraulic rotating bowl provides additional cavity clearing.

Metso has assorted product line to meet the customized demand requirements of the industry. For lighter duty high performance crushers are offered. The HP crushers are high speed, optimized eccentricity and cavity profile. The HP crushers are provided with hydraulic setting adjustments to optimize the crushing operations. The machine can be provided with different type of cavity to suit the machine.

For quaternary crushing, Metso offers rock on rock barmac for specific applications where reduction ratio is low. For smaller tonnages, Metso offers LT series track mounted crushing and screening plants and NW series wheel mounted crushing and screening plants, to the specific needs of the industry with easy maintenance features.

Further, according to Mr. Purohit, “to suit the demand requirements of the Indian industry Metso’s machines are being customized to suit the Indian mining conditions, with varied degree of automation to achieve better machine availability allowing crusher operation at maximum capacity.” He mentions, “one of the greatest challenges for the operator is to control the plant operation with varied feed granulometry, shape, color as well as other rock properties. The application can be expanded to multi–camera unit to control the complete communication circuit i.e crusher, SAG/ ball mill circuit.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Newer modifications have also been made by Terex Pegson in its crushers for the Indian aggregate market with low fuel consumption as 30 percent. According to Mr. Rajen Khoda, Director Sales South Asia and Middle East “as fuel prices have reached unprecedented level in recent months, the fuel economy benefits of Terex Pegson X400S series have become a major purchase drivers for those seeking the best value mobile jaw crushers.” He informs, Terex Pegson “is renowned for producing high performance jaw crushers that are suitable for quarries, recycling and contractors. The ground breaking Terex Pegson X400S series are high performance primary jaw crushing plants that are easy to set up, versatile and engineered for quarrying demolition and mining application that requires high production capacities. The machine has been launched recently in the market.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions

In order to meet the high demand requirements of the Indian market, Terex Pegson and Power Screen are opening a manufacturing plant in Hosur on 45 acre site, near Bangalore. The plant will be Terex’s first production facility in India.

The Indian plant is expected to start assembly operations in mid 2009 with additional manufacturing processes to be added over long term. As per Mr. Khoda, Terex’s factories at Coalville and Dungannon in UK will continue to build machines for other emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia, Brazil, and rest of the world.

Not to be left behind, Sandvik is making improvements in the technical features of its crushers for higher productivity as well. As per Mr. Ramanna Kumar, Senior Manager, Sandvik, “to make our crushers well adopted for the Indian market requirements, we are undertaking constant upgradation in the features of our machines.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Mr. Kumar informs, improvements are being made in the machine’s wear components for their reduced depreciation. Advancements are also being made in the hydraulics of the crushers and also on the structurals. Manganese castings are being provided on to the crushers.

A recent innovation made in the crushers includes, “automatic setting regulator.” With the advancement in place, the operator can make an automatic adjustment in the setting of the crusher based on his desired output requirement.

According to Mr. Kumar, Sandvik crushers, both jaw and cone is a product of know how and experience optimized by 3D CAD and Finite Element Analysis. He mentions, “each model is tested virtually for stress, strain and shock, deformation, thermal loading, vibration and noise under vide range of load conditions for optimum results.

Competitive Crushing Solutions

Sandvik manufactures jaw crushers with a capacity range from 55TPH-1160TPH. While the cone crushers are available with a capacity range of 22-1050TPH. Sandvik also have cone crushers with high operational efficiency for right size aggregates.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
In sync with the customized demand requirements of the Indian market for high output, new machines are also in the process of being provided by Extec-Fintec. According to Mr. Swapan Das, General Manager, India Sales, Extec–Fintec Crushing and Screening “we would be making the features of both the crusher brands combined to suit the requirements of the Indian market.” Extec machines are manufactured with hydraulic motors and systems. Handling systems of the machines are rugged for effective mobility, while the tracks of the machines have additional power packs etc. The existing features of the machines are like to be coupled with Fintec’s machines for the new product line offering. Extec plans to launch its new product line in January 2009.

Putting advanced features with finer technological improvements in its crushers, has also been carried out by Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators. Puzzolana manufactures crawler mobile, skid, stationery-crushing and screening plants.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Puzzolana Fabricators have centralized automated lubrication system as one of the advanced features. This allows the machine to perform smoothly with higher productivity in all the three stages of crushing operation. According to Mr. Prakash Pie, Managing Director, Puzzolana, “sustained basic improvements is being carried out in the crushers by making them more rugged and heavy. On this the machines are being made more powerful.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions
Finite Element Analysis is continuously being carried out to study the ruggedness of the machines. FEA also ensures the rational distribution of load in the machine.

FEA is also utilized in manufacturing its crushers by Eastern India based Torsa Machines Limited. According to Mr. Gopi More, MD, Torsa Machines, “the FEA concept of production minimizes the usage of steel during the production process and at the same time retains the rugged features of the machines. The production concept allows the company to make its products price wise competitive. Torsa manufactures low and medium capacity crushers.

Torsa has entered into a distribution tie-up with Minyu Machinery Corporation of Taiwan, to make high capacity crushers above 150TPH for the Indian market.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
According to Mr. More, “Minyu’s cone crushers have competitive features, which makes them highly productive.” He informs, “the machines have inbuilt features comprising computer controlled automatic gap and tramp release system, hydraulic assembly with control interface, hydraulic setting and lifting system, spring loaded design etc.”

Competitive Crushing Solutions
The machines have safety devises involving spring loaded release system. This allows any uncrushable material to pass through without causing damage to the machines. The locking devise, manual or hydraulic, secures the crushing clearance. The thrust application areas of the Minyu cone crushers includes, aggregates, iron ore, feldspar, dolomite and cement.

Making Rugged Machines

While advancements are being made by manufacturers adding automated features for higher productivity, Southern India based crusher and screen manufacturer has been laying emphasis in making the machines rugged for higher productivity.

To minimize operating costs without checking productivity, Nawa has designed crushers with roller bearings to save operating costs in terms of energy and long life. The company claims its roller bearing cone and jaw crushers are ideal for high stone crushing, successfully demonstrating for the lowest operating costs per ton crushing.

Competitive Crushing Solutions
According to Mr.G. N Raju, MD, Nawa Engineers & Consultants Pvt Limited, “our machines are suited to harsh Indian conditions of mining and quarry environment. The heat & dust and relatively lower attention to the maintenance cause countered in our mining areas leads to higher breakdown times and reduce the life of the equipment on the whole. All our machines are sturdily designed taking selection of proper metallurgy in all the parts.”

Mr. Raju adds, “for easy maintenance all our equipment are designed for easy access to remove and fit the regular wear parts. The crusher stations are provided with maintenance hoists for easy lifting of heavy parts during maintenance. All auxiliary systems like hydraulics, lubrication etc are automated for safety as well for easier maintenance.”

Nawa plans to exhibit at IMME Kolkata its comprehensive know how in washing, screening and classification equipment as applicable to the mining industry. Nawa will be displaying Linear Vibratory Screen for applications for fine medium and coarse screening of sand, aggregates, ores, for angular, cubic or flaky materials etc.

It will also be displaying screw classifier. Screw classifier is an important piece of equipment in the benefit of mineral ores and sand washing. It is multifunctional equipment and does washing classifying and de–watering, all simultaneously.

Competitive Crushing Solutions

While manufacturers are positioning their products with advanced features for high productivity and low operating costs, it will concurrently be essential to disburse knowledge solution among the end–users of the equipment for greater knowledge availability for optimum utilization of the machine. It would be essential to have a pie in the Indian crushing market estimated at around Rs. 1500 crores in terms of value. The market size is well–expected to increase in terms of value and units with large scale mining expansion lined up by the government and the private sector with surge in demand of metals in response to strong economic growth.

NBMCW October 2008

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