Stefan Fuchs
Mr. Stefan Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer, Goldhofer
The Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft with its headquarter in Memmingen, Bavaria, in Southern Germany is the leading supplier of heavy transport technology across the world. Having already made its presence in the Indian market, the company is participating at bC India to further expand its existing service network ensuring round-the-clock supply of spare parts with unmatchable guarantee to its customers.

Talking about the company's product offerings and sales, Chief Executive Officer, Stefan Fuchs said that currently more than 35,000 Goldhofer vehicles can be seen on roads and at construction sites all over the world and the largest portion of sales is made up of the innovative heavy-duty module systems which are used for heavy and heavy-load transports with payloads of up to 15,000 tons. The heavy-duty module systems from Goldhofer with axle loads of up to 50 metric tons have already carried enormous masses. The low loader semitrailers from Goldhofer are an important component of the company's product area. The new product series that were especially conceived for the transport of wind energy plants, Goldhofer offers a forward-looking concept for the number one growth market in transport logistics including semi low loaders with anywhere from two to ten axles making them suitable for payloads of over 100 metric tons. It is also traditionally strong in the product area of standard low bed truck trailers that range from three to five axles and are designed for payloads of up to 80 metric tons not just on the roads but also at international airports.

Elaborating further he claimed that anyone trusting Goldhofer vehicle also trusts its know-how when it comes to service. The company does not only offer a 24-hour service hotline in case of emergencies, but also provides a worldwide service network and shipping of replacement parts, service training sessions and workshops, and of-course technical consultations and customers' care with transports. Apart from these, an additional value for the customers is their top priority. In fact, they want to be a supplier who always offers an economical solution to their customers for all areas of transport and highest quality with products and services.

Informing about the latest innovation he says, "the company has developed a system that is unique in the entire world, one in which the tolerance range of the telescoping tubes has been reduced to just a few millimeters, creating the optimal functionality with the extending and compressing of the tubes. The company has also scored a big hit with its customers with the introduction of the new painting system. In this regard, the production sequence was rearranged such that complete frames are already painted before the final assembly of the components, and by means of a sealed "paint jacket", they receive the maximum protection against corrosion. In addition, they also offer pure service with its ingenious software selection. With the "easyLOAD" that has been tested by the German inspection institution TÜV, Goldhofer's customers can independently determine the load patterns themselves with the use of different vehicle combinations and thus calculate the axle and semi-loads. With "easyTRACK" and "easyVERSION", the company offers two more special solutions that make operation easier for transport companies with the use of heavy-duty module systems."


NBM&CW January 2013