Black Bond Seal Black Concentrated Resin for Multiple Applications

    Black Bond Seal
    Bond Seal India Pvt. Ltd. is meeting the demand in the construction industry for protection, maintenance and restoration by offering the right solutions and quality products, and innovating for the future needs of the industry. Its flagship product, Black Bond Seal, a jet black thick resin, offers high performance in multiple applications. Formulated from aromatic chemicals, the tried and tested product is more economically priced than other similar products. Key features are:
    • Low Cost, High Performance
    • Unaffected by water and UV rays
    • Weather proof
    • Strong and Durable
    • Can be easily mixed with water, solvent oils, epoxy and Polyurethance
    • Excellent Mechanical and Chemical Resistance
    • Excellent Adhesiveness
    • Easy to use
    With addition of prescribed water dose, it can substitute different grades of Bitumen Emulsion and be used for:
    • Tack Seal, Prime Coat, Fog Seal for Road Pavement
    • Slurry Surfacing, Micro Surfacing for Road Pavement
    • Dust Suppressant, Soil Stabilization
    • Crack and Pothole Repair
    • Maintenance and Protection Coating
    With addition of Epoxy it can be used for:
    • Industrial and Decorative Flooring
    • Mechanical and Chemical Resistant Coating
    • Protection for Underground Systems such as Pipelines, Tanks, Sewage Systems
    • Protection from Micro-organisms
    • Adhesive for Creating Bond between Two Materials
    With addition of Naphtha, Gasoline, White Spirits and other Solvents it can be used as:
    • Rejuvenator Sealer Fog Seal Coating Road Pavement
    • Black Shining Color Paint
    • Anti-corrosive Coating for Steel Structures and Bridges
    • Anti-carbonation Coating for Bridges
    • Marine and Aerospace Coating
    With addition of Polyurethane it becomes Hydrophobic, Elastic, Low Modulus membrane and can be used for:
    • Waterproofing of Foundation Walls, Wet Rooms, Tiles, Roofs, Cement Structures, Gypsum Boards, Basements, Bathrooms, Swimming Pools, Tunnels
    • Joint Filter for Constructing Roads and Bridges
    • Sealant
    Bond Seal India is inviting national and international entrepreneurs to join hands with the company in its Technology Licensing program, which will enable them to enter the protection, maintenance and restoration business without any financial risk. The program encompasses all aspects of setting up a successful business from manufacturing and operations to technical assistance and sales and marketing support.

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