Polymer Modified Bituminous Waterproofing System

With the advancement in technology, the bio degradable Hessian reinforced tarfelt has been replaced by non-bio-degradable material such as non woven polyester or fibre glass mat. The change of reinforcement is made possible along with the change in the base material. APP (Atactic Polypropylene) is a polymer compatible with the base material bitumen. Read More...

Permanent Sealing for the Water Bearing Cracks or Moving Joints in Concrete Structures

Permanent Sealing for the Water Bearing Cracks
The construction industry has come across situations when the concrete structure has developed cracks and water has seeped inside. Also there are situations when the same crack starts behaving as a moving / dynamic crack by relieving the internal stress Read More...

Crystalline Waterproofing for Brick, Masonry Now in India

Crystalline Waterproofing
Choksey Chemicals P. Ltd introduces for the first time in India a high performance waterproofing compound for protection of brick, masonry and concrete. Choksey’s MAXSEAL SUPER is a special Read More...

INSULTEC-A Perfect Coating for all Residential Building & Complexes

INSULTEC® is the result of 35 years research by an Australian Insulation Technologist. Insultec is a water–based Co-polymer compound containing inert pigment and special fillers. It has excellent adhesion and is micro porous, impervious to salt spray and airborne pollution and algae and fungus resistant. Insultec has been thoroughly tested and is acclaimed by world Read More...

Chemistik-Heavy Duty Elastomeric Coating for Masonry Surface

Elastomeric Coating for Masonry Surface
The Argus Coatings and Polymers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, pioneers in exterior coatings, now offers Chemistik Pro Décor Super heavy-duty elastomeric coatings for protection of masonry surface, that not only prevents Read More...

Koster's Solution for Rising Dampness in Mineral Substrates & Walls

Chowgule Koster India Construction Chemicals
Rising dampness in mineral substrates and walls is a natural enemy to the durability of any structure. This occurs due to the rising of moisture in the capillaries and pores in walls. This could be due to the dampness or water present in Read More...

Design Considerations for Eco–Roof Waterproofing

Eco–Roof Waterproofing
It's a new world when it comes to commercial architecture and building construction. No longer is the focus only on expert craftsmanship, innovative design and attention to detail. Rather, all eyes are examining the process itself Read More...

How Crucial Waterproofing of Concrete Structure Is?

Waterproofing of Concrete Structure
As the third millennium dawns, the United States is in the midst of a "bridge crisis." Maintenance needs for older bridges have far outpaced available resources. This situation indicates the need not only Read More...


Waterproofing Membrane
Waterproofing the concrete structures has always been a challenging task for construction industry. With the increased complexity of structures, more possibility of structural movements and settlements Read More...

Waterproofing of Bridge Decks The Latest Technique and Material

waterproofing latest technique
Bridges are important infrastructure facilities connecting different areas and allowing smooth movement of men, material and machinery from one place to another. Roads have no purpose unless bridges are Read More...

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