Square circle formwork® makes concrete construction easier, faster, cheaper.

    Shandong Fangyuan Building Materials Co Ltd. of China is offering Square Circle Formwork® for forming concrete easily and fast. The revolutionary product is designed and developed to save time and create higher values. Square circle formwork®, based on extensive research and development for cost saving, enables shorter construction time and reduced cost.

    Square Circle Formwork® is designed to meet the needs of the formwork market with its labor saving and environmental-friendly system. The company uses a combination of steel, plywood and plastic materials in the development of a wide range of formwork products that meet the needs of contractors all over the world. Square Circle Formwork® offers prefabricated products, designed in-house by Shandong's engineering team.

    Products are customized to meet the exact needs of the formwork as per the project. Compared to traditional forming methods, Square Circle Formwork® can help save up to 60% of labor cost and 35% of material wastage since no handcrafting is done at site.

    Shandong Fangyuan Building Materials has achieved ISO9001:2008 and CE certification. The company's focus is to provide effective products with the highest quality to its clients. It provides quality test reports by national research center testing techniques for building materials, SGS, and by its in-house QC department.

    Circular Column Formwork wooden

    Circular Column Formwork wooden
    • One of the most popular innovative products.
    • Manufactured with film faced plywood.
    • Waterproof, lightweight, does not need tower crane.
    • Diameter of 250mm to 4200mm (every 50mm).
    • Standard height of 3000mm; can be stacked or cut to any height.
    • Fastened with steel belt for reinforcement.
    • Fast installation/dismantle
    • within 15 minutes.
    • Repeat 8-10 times, cost much lower than metal and paper form.
    • Easy to cut on the top.

    Adjustable Column Clamp

    Adjustable Column Clamp
    • Adjustable column clamp allows the forming of rectangular or square columns
    • Adjustable for various columns.
    • Saves time and money for column forming, rental cost down to 0.1 USD/set/day.
    • Made of Q345B galvanized steel, which is strong enough.
    • Enables column size to be accurate & well calibrated.
    • No need tie rod.

    Shear Wall Formwork

    Shear Wall Forms is a new type of building shear wall clamp. It can replace the traditional steel tube.

    Shear Wall Formwork
    • Made of Q345B steel, galvanized, much stronger.
    • Wider interface than tube.
    • Provided abundant back lumber - the clamp space can be 800mm
    • Square joint makes the wall straight, with no deformity.
    • Less tie-rod required.
    • Flexible in size.
    Square circle formwork

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