Trivenimet Fab Engineers Strives to Create Benchmarks in Quality Production

    Avinash Agarwal
    Mr. Avinash Agarwal
    M.D., Trivenimet Fab Engineers
    Trivenimet Fab Engineers is an innovative fabricator which provides high quality structural, bespoke and one-off fabrications making full use of their expertise in AutoCAD and CNC Plasma profiling.

    With in-house facilities such as, Plasma Profile Cutting, Edge Preparation, Shot Blasting, and Painting services, the dependence upon external Vendor is kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring shorter lead times and competitive pricing structure; whether it is for a one off bracket or large volume production batch. Very few engineering companies in Bangalore can boast of having in-house facilities that Trivenimet Fab Engineers has at its disposal, making the group a truly "One Stop Metal Working Shop".

    With skilled, certified welders and fitters who understand that precision is imperative. With crane facilities of up to 15 tons and a wide range of modern fabrication equipment, they offer MIG/SAW welding and a comprehensive metal dressing service as a part of their precision sheet metal fabrication service. The dressing capability allows MS steel fabrications to be finished to a high standard, removing oxidization marks and reapplying grain to brushed finished items. The facilities particularly suit to Medium and Heavy fabrications in mild steel.

    Trivenimet Fab Engineers

    Trivenimet is ideally placed to cater for a diverse customer base and accommodates the needs of niche industries including Construction Equipment, Rail, Defense, Marine & Subsea projects and oil & gas requirements.

    When it comes down to it, the experience matters a lot to this industry. Trivenimet has the experience to assist its clients in project costing and design development besides supplying only the highest quality fabricated structures. Quality assurance is really a crucial part of services to ensure their clients projects are completed with the highest standard.

    Trivenimet is known for reduced lead times and consistently meeting stringent deadlines besides always going extra miles for the clients. On time, every time. Trivenimet is ideally located to cater to orders across South India with 2,50,000 sq. ft of dedicated manufacturing facility. The company has a workforce approaching 200, producing quality metalwork items 7 days a week. Ensuring good stock levels are maintained and customer driven delivery requirements are realistically achieved.

    Custom Fabrication and Welding

    Wheel Loader Bucket
    As a Tier 1 vendor to LTCEL, Komatsu and L&T RPM we supply profiled component for Earthmoving Equipment such as Excavators, Wheel loaders, and Road Compactors. Supplies are made in complete kits which are processed in LTCEL factory into structures using Robotic welding. These kits are palletized, Inspected for Quality, ID marked using Hard Punch and ready for immediate processing by our clients. We provide kits for L&T and Komastu Hydraulic Excavator model such as PC 71,PC 130, PC 210, PC 300, 300 CK L&T, Wheel Loader 9020 Road Compactor 3Ton, 10Ton and 11 Tons.

    L&T is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic excavators, road compactors and Wheel Loaders.

    Wheel Loaders

    Wheel loader is a new product launched by L&T construction equipment limited. This loader is a type of tractor, usually wheeled, sometimes on tracks, that has a front-mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of lift arm. A loader is commonly used to move a stockpiled material from ground level and to deposit it into an awaiting dump truck.

    The critical points of welding in wheel loader buckets are, welding of side orials and center orials. Our skilled welders and fitters understand that here precision is imperative and there's a need to fabricate the product at a defect free rate. This gives us the leading edge in today's competitive market to produce high quality product and deliver with a lead time.

    Excavator Main Beam

    Excavator Main Beam
    Komatsu is a world's leading manufacturer of Excavators for which we supply the PC 71 Revolving Frame with full welding services. The fixture for 71 R/F is simple, where loading & unloading is very easy. In our Plasma machine, we cut the components of the 71 R/F, it then proceeds for fabrication. The fixture helps to hold the work piece firmly during welding operation. The revolving frame is manufactured specifically for the high reach demolition machines. It includes deep section centre beams; limiting stress levels and ensuring that the machine can easily handle the extra weight of the demolition features. A fully welded box section revolving frame increases strength and reduces stress. It also makes this excavator highly resistant to impact damage. We meet these industry standards through our precision in fabrication.

    Drainage Gratings and Frames at Airport

    The Steel engineered removable drainage gratings are ideally suited to facilitate the removal of surface water from aprons/runways/taxiways etc.

    Load tested to 900kn the gratings will withstand, with adequate factors of safety, wheel loadings imparted by the heaviest aircraft in service (Airbus A380).

    The machine fit between the gratings and the frames ensures that the gratings are non rocking under traffic. The system consists of a pre-fabricated frame which is then concreted into place during construction and the grates are then installed at a later date.

    Gratings for bangalore Kempegowda Airport

    Trivenimet brings to you a total solution in metal fabrication under one roof. Our installed infrastructure and manpower can cater to a variety of products be it Gratings, Chute Assemblies, Excavator parts and components, CKD kits for Fabrication, we cater to all our customer requirements.

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